Pedro Sánchez gives hope to a totalitarian who despises the rule of law

Puigdemont makes a demand that would impose nazi-style criminal law in Spain

This Tuesday, the fugitive Carles Puigdemont has exhibited his contempt for Spain and also for democracy and the rule of law.

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Yesterday, at the press conference of the leader of the separatist coup of October 1, 2017 (see video), Puigdemont did not limit himself to demanding an amnesty as the price for his party, Junts per Catalunya, to support the re-election of the socialist Pedro Sánchez as president of the government. This demand already clashes completely with the Spanish Constitution, whose Article 62 expressly prohibits the granting of general pardons, but the fugitive from Justice, increased by Sánchez's desire to remain in office at whatever pricehe wants something even more nefarious.

He wants separatists to have immunity from committing crimes.

In his speech (can be read here the transcript, in Spanish), the fugitive Puigdemont demanded the following:

"The complete and effective abandonment of judicial proceedings against the independence movement and the independentists. October 1 was not a crime, nor was the declaration of independence, nor the massive protests against repression and the ruling of the Supreme Court. The abandonment of repression in the democratic independence movement is an ethical requirement and must be a permanent abandonment."

As anyone can see, Puigdemont wants something even worse than an amnesty: he wants total immunity to break the law and commit crimes. He wants the State to commit to allowing the separatists to trample on the Penal Code and do whatever they want, without any legal limits, while the rest of us Spaniards are imposed the law without making exceptions strong>.

An approach typical of totalitarians and that dates back to nazism

These types of demands are not something new in Catalan separatism. The separatists have been demanding for decades privileges that place them above other Spaniards, privileges that turn the rest of the people into second-class citizens. It is worth remembering that someone who thinks like this cannot be a democrat, no matter how much that condition is claimed, with the same cynicism with which the communists of East Germany called their brutal "democratic republic." dictatorship. Democracy implies that we are all equal before the law, regardless of our sex, social class, religion, ideology, tastes and opinions.

The idea that the law makes distinctions based on ideology is something typical of totalitarians, not of democrats. In fact, a totalitarian regime of the last century, Nazism, established a way of understanding the prosecution of crimes, the so-called criminal law of author, which did not value acts but the condition of people, creating different ways of applying the law and classifying crimes outside the facts. What Puigdemont wants is for Spain to adopt a conception of law typical of nazi Germany, in which the mere fact of being a separatist becomes an open bar to break the law.

Sánchez gives hope to a totalitarian who despises the rule of law

It is scandalous that in Spain we have reached the point where such a toxic and infamous guy, a fugitive from Justice who lacks scruples and who does not feel the slightest respect for the Rule of Law, < strong>has in his hand the possibility of Sánchez remaining in office at the price of giving in to his blackmail. It is also scandalous that the government has so far refused to reject Puigdemont's demands, giving him hope that he will get what he asks for and encouraging him to continue raising the bar for his demands , which already seem to have no end.

By subordinating the interests of Spain to his personal interest, Sánchez has become Puigdemont's hostage. The image that Spain gives with this government and its pleading attitude towards a fugitive from Justice is something that should embarrass us all, except the government, which seems to have completely lost its shame.


Photo: Europa Press.

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