A pro-government newspaper tries to disguise its new attack on the rule of law

The new campaign of socialist manipulation to launder the privileges for their allies

One of the basic principles of the rule of law is that the law must be equal for everyone, regardless of their condition.

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A treacherous and corrupt politician who changes the law to benefit his criminal allies

According to this principle of equality before the law, a person's political activism should be indifferent when it comes to doing Justice: if someone has committed a crime, they should be punished for it, whatever their ideology or the party to which it belongs. Allowing certain people to break the law for political reasons would be something radically undemocratic, since it would imply destroying that principle of equality.

Junts separatists demand legal privileges for their leaders

Well then: that is precisely what Pedro Sánchez and the Socialist Party (PSOE) intend to do in Spain. Junts, the separatist party of Carles Puigdemont -who is on the run from Justice after his participation in the 2017 separatist coup in Catalonia- has demanded amnesty from the PSOE for those convicted of that coup as a condition to support the re-election of Sánchez as president of the government.

In addition, Junts also demands amnesty for Laura Borràs, president of that party, who was convicted of a case of political corruption, with a sentence that imposes four and a half years in prison and a fine of 36,000 euros for a crime of documentary falsification and another of prevarication. It is worth wondering if the next thing will be to demand amnesty for all separatists who have committed any other crime, since that would be the logical conclusion of giving criminal privileges to the perpetrators of such serious crimes.

An amnesty that would be radically contrary to the Constitution

It must be remembered that amnesties are radically contrary to the Spanish Constitution, whose Article 62 establishes that it corresponds to the King, among other things, "to exercise the right of pardon in accordance with the law, which It may not authorize general pardons." This precept seeks to prevent situations such as a government dedicating itself to criminally privilege its affinities, violating the principle of equality before the law.

Unfortunately for Spain, Sánchez has already shown little respect for the Constitution, since has already broken it in acts as serious as illegally closing Congress and illegally confine all Spaniards to their homes, violating their fundamental rights, as the Constitutional Court has already confirmed. Sánchez not only did not apologize for these abuses, but also said that he would do it again, demonstrating the disposition of an autocrat, of someone who believes that his will is above the Constitution.

El País begins the campaign to launder those privileges

With this precedent, and taking into account that up to now Sánchez has shown he is capable of anything to stay in power, it was foreseeable that the PSOE would accede to the intolerable demands of the Junts separatists. In case anyone doubted it, yesterday the pro-government newspaper El País, one of the media closest to the PSOE, announced that "Sánchez assumes that he must seek penal relief for the 'procés'", a manipulative way of indicating to public opinion that the president of the government It is willing to continue criminally favoring separatists to obtain their support. It thus begins a new socialist campaign to manipulate the Spanish so that we give in to a new blackmail of separatism.

The other privileges already granted by Sánchez to his separatist allies

Let us remember that these would not be the first privileges that Sánchez grants to the separatists. In 2021 the socialist government already approved some pardons for the coup leaders, granting them a pardon without showing the slightest regret for what they did and even announcing that they will do it again. The government then also leaked that measure to El País, as a preview of its intentions. Finally, in November 2022, Sánchez urgently eliminated the crime of sedition and reduced the crime of embezzlement so as not to lose the support of the separatists.

A brazen form of political corruption and an attack on democracy

In a democratic country, granting penal benefits to criminals to support the government is a blatant form of political corruption, as well as being a grievance for the rest of the citizens, who have the obligation to comply with the law without any exception. Granting an amnesty would be a radically undemocratic privilege , since it would imply violating the Constitution and breaking the principle of legality before the law.

If the Sánchez government agrees to this, it will be liquidating democracy and the rule of law in Spain. Sánchez will be solely responsible for the effects that this serious attack on our constitutional order may have, with which He is destroying coexistence among Spaniards and putting the unity of Spain in serious danger, subordinating the general interest to his personal interest in a shameless and illegal way, something for which he should be brought before the courts to later end up in prison. That is the fate that some politicians have had in other European countries for doing things much less serious than what Sánchez is doing.


Photo: PSOE.

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