Pedro Sánchez deserves to be dismissed and end up in prison for his actions

A treacherous and corrupt politician who changes the law to benefit his criminal allies

Pedro Sánchez is going to go down in the history of Spain as an unscrupulous president who puts his personal interest above the rule of law.

The Spanish intelligence service, beheaded to satisfy Putin's puppets in Spain
Russia's support for separatism in Spain and the support of Spanish separatists for Russia

Sánchez's alliance with the authors of the 2017 coup

When he came to power and in the absence of a sufficient parliamentary majority, he decided to ally himself with political parties that reject the Constitution and the unity of Spain and that have spent years undermining our freedoms and our rule of law, in a constant effort for breaking the coexistence between Spaniards. In the case of Catalan separatism, this desire went so far as to carry out a coup d'état to suspend the validity of the Constitution in a part of Spain, in order to separate it from the rest of the Nation. As has been demonstrated, separatism took that step after receiving the promise of military and economic aid from the Putin regime. It is one of the most serious events that have occurred in recent decades in Spain.

Sánchez's assignments to the coup plotters so that they would let him continue in power

By allying himself with the criminals who promoted that coup d'état, Pedro Sánchez was willing to give in to them, even when they announced that they would do it again. That willingness to grant his separatist allies what they asked for only it had an end, and it was purely selfish: to guarantee Sánchez's permanence in power at any price, even at the cost of degrading our democracy by putting the government at the service of those who had committed a coup of State. The price to pay for the support of his separatist allies has been rising as they perceived Sánchez's weakness and desperation to continue in power as it was.

The allies of the socialist government have been obtaining concessions from Sánchez such as tolerate the separatist riots in Catalonia. Then came the time to legitimize a separatist leader disqualified for committing a crime of disobedience, the former Catalan president Quim Torra. A few months later, Sánchez gave in to separatism in its plan to marginalize the Spanish language in Catalonia. Shortly after, the scandalous pardons for those convicted of the 2017 separatist coup. In May, the surrender to separatism came with the beheading of the National Intelligence Center (CNI) to render it incapable of facing a new separatist coup. The last and most infamous of this entire series of transfers, with which Sánchez intends to continue in power for another year (until the next general election) has been remove the the crime of sedition for which the coup plotters were convicted, to leave them unpunished so that they can stand in the next elections.

Sánchez seriously endangers our democracy

This last transfer of Sánchez is a way to lower the price for trying to break the law and the rule of law, and a way to encourage separatism to repeat its blow. And all, I repeat, because Sánchez puts his personal interest above the rule of law. Sánchez is not worried about Spain: he is only worried about continuing in government no matter what. With his selfish and irresponsible attitude, Sánchez betrays our democracy and puts it in serious danger, because with this covert amnesty he encourages the enemies of Spain and the Constitution to repeat the separatist coup of 2017 and the serious public disorder that it entailed.

With his actions, Sánchez knows that he is going to unleash a serious political instability that will fully affect the next government (according to almost all polls, the Socialists and their communist allies will lose the next elections), and it is very possible that his purpose is precisely that, to make it difficult for his successor and ensure a quick return to power.

Sánchez deserves to be dismissed and end up in prison for what he is doing

In democratic countries it should not be allowed for a ruler to ally himself with criminals, because the price to pay will always be the same: give in to them, which erodes the rule of law and, specifically, the principle equality of all before the law. For a ruler to ally himself with criminals and change the law to favor them is always an act of corruption, which should immediately imply his resignation or removal from office.

It is intolerable that a ruler is altering our rules of coexistence and lowering the price for violating them because his allies have been convicted of it, and thus be able to continue one more year in power. It is as scandalous to do something like this for an economic benefit as it is to do it for a personal political benefit, which after all implies the economic benefit of having a considerable salary as president of the government and all the resources of the State to benefit himself and his personal circle. Pedro Sánchez not only deserves to be removed: he should be tried for corruption and end up in prison.


Photo: PSOE.

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