He decided to agree with those who sought to break Spain with help of Moscow

Pedro Sánchez offers Putin, via Waterloo, the key to decide the fate of Spain

Do we realize the threat that Pedro Sánchez's desire to bow down to the separatists poses to the security of Spain?

Russia's support for separatism in Spain and the support of Spanish separatists for Russia
The Spanish intelligence service, beheaded to satisfy Putin's puppets in Spain

An alliance with those who sought to break Spain with the help of Russia

This week we have witnessed Pedro Sánchez's decision to agree with a fugitive from Justice like Carles Puigdemont, accused of an attempt to subvert the constitutional order, also committing embezzlement of public money, by using the money of our taxes to bypass current legislation. With this decision, Sánchez turns Waterloo, the place where Puigdemont is hiding, into the true center of government of Spain, by granting that fugitive remote control to decide the fate of all Spaniards. With his irresponsibility, Sánchez puts the fate of 47 million Spaniards in the hands of a small separatist party that only had 392,000 votes in the last general elections.

Let us also remember that Puigdemont's separatist coup received help from the Kremlin (something verified by the Spanish Civil Guard), with which Sánchez offers Moscow a formidable opportunity to destabilize a NATO country, by handing Putin's friends the key to power in Spain at a particularly delicate moment for European security. The softest way to describe something like this is treason.

The precedent of the beheading of the CNI at the request of Putin's puppets

Let us also remember that this is not the first time that Sánchez has endangered the stability and security of Spain to please Putin's friends. In May 2022, Sánchez agreed to behead the Spanish intelligence service, the CNI, at the demand of Putin's Spanish puppets, specifically the Catalan separatists and Podemos communists, who have opposed to sending Spanish military aid to Ukraine. With his alliance with Puigdemont, we can predict that Sánchez could put on hold any new CNI investigation into the subversive activity of Catalan separatism, including new contacts between the separatists and Moscow.

All of this highlights how irresponsible and egotistical extreme Sánchez's personal ambition reaches: the only thing that seems to matter to him is clinging to power at any cost, even endangering the security of Spain.

An international discredit that will bring us more unemployment, poverty and insecurity

We Spaniards should begin to assess the price we are going to pay for this international discredit, and not only in relation to our defense and security. The terrible image that Spain is giving, the lack of seriousness and security that it transmits, serve to scare off any investor, and with that scare go many opportunities to create wealth and employment in a country that It is already, by far, the European champion of unemployment thanks to socialist recipes. Sánchez and his associates seem obsessed with making Spain have more unemployment, more poverty and more insecurity, something from which the enemies of Spain and the West are going to benefit.


Photo: Efe.

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