After the harsh criticism of Der Spiegel, now an editorial acid from PRISA

Sánchez's farce turns against him: the socialist newspaper El País is considering his retirement

As I mentioned yesterday, this Monday the center-left German outlet Der Spiegel harshly criticized Sánchez for his recent farce.

The German media Der Spiegel destroys Pedro Sánchez for his farce after having defended him
Sánchez wants to muzzle the media he does not control: we will not shut up!

Pretending for five days that he was thinking of resigning, something that only those who insist on ignoring that his only purpose is to cling to power at any price believed, has ended up angering not only that German media, but also a part of the Spanish left, starting with the newspaper that for decades has played the role of unofficial newsletter of the PSOE: El País, owned by the PRISA Group.

El País: from adulation to reproach in less than a week

Just five days ago, that newspaper exhibited some forms of the most servile journalism towards power with a shameful message on Twitter supporting Sánchez commenting on the failed mobilization of the Socialist Party (PSOE) on Saturday to ask Sánchez to stay:

—They can call us dogs because we are faithful and loyal!
The people, socialist and attentive, have responded with applause, shouts and, above all, cheers, of all kinds. The one of the last hours. “Pedro, stay, Pedro, stay!”

In Spain, journalism so flattering towards power has not been seen since the times of the NO-DO, in the official news program of the Franco regime that was broadcast in cinemas before the movies. However, the ridiculous fawning desire of El País has not lasted even a week, more or less the time that has passed until the foreign media - that is, those that are not irrigated with public aid from the Sánchez government - have begun to launch harsh criticism of the Spanish socialist leader.

The socialist newspaper is already proposing the retirement of Sánchez

This Wednesday, coinciding with May 1 - the day that the left takes advantage of to close ranks around itself along with its unions -, El País published a bitter editorial finally acknowledging the fiasco of Sánchez's farce: "The unprecedented private reflection of Pedro Sánchez forces the party to begin the debate on a future without his leadership", commented the opening of the editorial, making it clear where the shots were going.

The socialist newspaper has taken advantage of that editorial to filter the criticism that is beginning to emerge within Sánchez's party:"Privately, there are leaders who recognize that they have "seen the seams." to a PSOE in which the hyper-leadership of its general secretary has occupied all the spaces since Sánchez won in the May 2017 primaries."

The darts to Sánchez for suffocating all discrepancy in the PSOE

The PRISA Group newspaper launches its darts against Sánchez for having suffocated all discrepancy and any alternative leadership in the Socialist Party: "no organic piece has been moved without Sánchez's consent and, Despite the intensity of the institutional agenda as President of the Government, he has been up to date with every detail of the game. If he had the perception that someone on his team was going on his own, his clear determination has been to cut corners. any aspiration." El País adds:

"Paradoxically, it has been the Secretary General himself who these days has fueled the succession debate by threatening to take a step back that no one expected until last week. It was Pedro Sánchez who, for the first time, has placed the socialists as a whole on the precipice of a PSOE without himand has also done so at a particularly delicate moment for the party."

The Spanish socialist newspaper is not as harsh as Der Spiegel, since in the end it does not depend on the manna of subsidies from the Sánchez government, but between the lines you can perceive the same anger at the attitude of "capricious teenager" that the German media spoke of.

The socialist territorial disaster left by Sánchez

In its editorial, El País also points out the territorial disaster of the Socialist Party that Sánchez's mandate has left:"the PSOE only retains the executives of Castilla-La Mancha, Asturias and Navarra and has "The consolidation of new leadership in the territories where it does not govern is pending." This is what happens when you have an almost Stalinist obsession with destroying everyone who can compete with you in the party: you end up surrounding yourself with sycophants without the slightest capacity for criticism and without any leadership capacity, who only serve to reap electoral defeats.

El País shows that Sánchez has gotten this matter out of hand

The socialist newspaper also indicates to what extent this matter has gotten out of hand for Sánchez and has turned against him: "Sánchez wanted this Tuesday on Cadena SER to settle the speculations about post-Sanchism in the PSOE," notes El País, "but it remains to be seen whether the succession debate will be controllable after these five days without Sánchez, which add up to ten years at the head of the PSOE and a second term in the Government." The end of the editorial ends up finishing off Sánchez: "the PSOE, as a key piece in Spain's political system, should also begin to reflect collectively on how to guarantee the continuity of the political project beyond the personality and charisma of its leader".

That is to say, the unofficial newspaper of the PSOE already proposes Sánchez's retirement from politics. And all this while Sánchez insists on demonstrating that he did not take those five days of vacation to propose his resignation, but rather to twist the arm of democracy by attacking judges and independent media, an authoritarian desire in which he is finding more voices against than for. In short, his own farce has turned against Sánchez, and even the socialist newspaper that flattered him a few days ago is now reproaching him and showing him the exit door.


Photo: PSOE.

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