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Sánchez wants to muzzle the media he does not control: we will not shut up!

Spain has one of the most corrupt, most lying and most authoritarian governments in the European Union, and Sánchez has proven it again.

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The hunt for socialists against independent media

Last night, Televisión Española, controlled by the socialist government, returned to the times of NO-DO, the news program of Franco's dictatorship, broadcasting a comfortable interview with Pedro Sánchez by like-minded journalists who did not do any uncomfortable question, starting with his wife's business dealings that have led to the opening of judicial proceedings. Instead, TVE allowed its set to be used as a platform so that Sánchez could direct threats against independent digital media, calling them "pseudomedia".

A few minutes before that interview began, the PSOE, Sánchez's party, began to try to intimidate Bieito Rubido, director of El Debate, one of the media that is bringing the scandals to light of the PSOE, without this party having so far denied any of the information published by that medium. The objective is clear: Sánchez and his party intend to intimidate and gag the digital media that they do not yet control, so that they stop publishing information that exposes the government's abuses.

In all the years that we have been a democracy, no government had attacked freedom of expression and freedom of the press as this one is doing, slipping the possibility of adopting measures against them outside of the judicial channels already contemplated by current laws, which are the channels to which Sánchez and the PSOE should resortif they consider that any falsehood has been published against them. In recent days, we have seen calls from TVE to the government to take control of these independent media, a clear incitement to resort to undemocratic mechanisms to prevent the exercise of freedom of expression informationby those media whose only "crime" is to publish things that make the government uncomfortable.

Sánchez criticizes the hoaxes and at the same time spreads one

In addition to waving the gag against the free media, last night Sánchez had the cynicism to accuse these media of lying and spreading hoaxes, which is precisely what he has been doing for years, using the lie of a blatant way to deceive his voters and then doing the opposite of what he said he would do, for example, with the amnesty law. In fact, last night, in that interview, Sánchez spread a hoax against Feijóo, the president of the Popular Party, without any of the related journalists who were there telling him that this was a lie. This is the kind of journalists that socialists want: obedient and servile journalists.

Sánchez does not want to regenerate democracy: he wants to degrade it

Of course, Sánchez does not want to regenerate democracy, as he has said. If he wanted to do that, the first thing he would have to do is stop launching attacks against judicial independence and against free media, break his pacts with pro-ETA members and those nostalgic for communist dictatorships and stop being the most opaque government of our democracy and the one that has received the most complaints due to lack of transparency. With yesterday's spectacle, using public television paid for by all Spaniards as a propaganda organ at the service of his party, Sánchez has made it clear that what he intends to do with democracy is degrade it.

We are not going to allow it to turn Spain into a dictatorship

Sánchez and his henchmen can now forget about turning Spain into a replica of the dictatorships they have been supporting. Millions of Spaniards are not going to allow it. Their threats against our freedoms do not scare us. The only ones who should be afraid in Spain are those who violate the law and those who threaten our democracy and our freedoms, and not those of us who exercise our fundamental rights within the current legality.

Counting Stars is a simple blog with 20 years of experience. I have never considered it a digital medium, but for the purposes of defending freedom of speech, this is just another digital medium, and as a communicator with two decades on the Internet, I think I summarize the feeling of many today when paraphrasing Winston Churchill's famous words to other enemies of freedom 84 years ago: we will defend our democracy and our freedom online, in the newsrooms, in the streets and in the courts: we will not shut up!


Image: RTVE.

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