The anti-Semitic far-left already launched that lie against Israel in 2014

Communist antisemitism: 'genocide' is 165 dead Arabs but not 1,500 dead Jews

A few days ago I already pointed out here the purpose of certain sectors to falsely accuse Israel of committing "genocide" in Gaza.

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Pedro Sánchez's partners reject European condemnation of the Hamas terrorist attack

Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel in 2014

Some people may be surprised to know that in 2014 the far left already launched this same smear against Israel. Let's briefly review the facts. As I already explained here then, on June 30, 2014 Hamas terrorists kidnapped and murdered three young Israelis: Naftali Frenkel (16 years old), Gilad Shaer (16) and Eyal Yifraj (19). In the weeks prior to that crime, Hamas had launched dozens of rockets against the civilian population of Israel.

Faced with this wave of terrorist attacks against its civilians, on July 8, 2014 the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) began an operation against Hamas. As they have done again in recent months, Hamas used Gaza civilians as human shields, which is a war crime that is never condemned by those who exhibit their hatred against Israel. That was like a prologue to what would happen nine years later.

The 'genocide' hoax was launched with 165 Palestinians dead, including terrorists

That Israeli operation concluded on August 26 of that year. On September 3, Israel reported that its operation resulted in 2,127 Palestinian casualties, among them 616 terrorists: 341 from Hamas, 182 from Islamic Jihad and 93 from other factions. Israel estimated at the time that Hamas had about 16,000 terrorists and Islamic Jihad about 5,200.

The lying machinery of the extreme left was put into motion very soon. Only six days after the start of the Israeli operation, the communists Spaniards from Izquierda Unida accused Israel of "genocide", in a press conference held on July 14, 2014. The day before, Hamas had claimed that 165 Palestinians had died in the fighting between Israel and the terrorists. Thus, there was no need to wait for the final count: for the extreme left, 165 dead Palestinians (including the terrorists) were already a "genocide".

The savage Hamas terrorist and anti-Semitic attack of October 7, 2023

Things change when we talk about dead Jews. In the Hamas terrorist attack of October 7, 2023 and in the subsequent fighting, about 1,500 Israeli citizens and foreigners have died, according to official figures published by Israel. These figures include 766 civilians: 695 Israelis (including 36 children) and 71 foreigners who were killed in the Hamas attack or have died after being kidnapped by that terrorist organization.

We are talking about an attack that had the clear intention of murdering civilians, unlike Israel, which even puts its soldiers at risk by previously communicating its attacks to Gaza civilians to facilitate their evacuation in order to to avoid civilian casualties. Entire Israeli families, including children and babies, were massacred by Hamas terrorists, in some cases being burned alive in their own homes. I never tire of repeating this fact: it is the worst massacre suffered by the Jewish people since the Holocaust, and taking into account the population of Israel, the percentage of dead is higher than that of the terrorist attacks of the September 11, 2001 against the USA.

The ultra-left has not accused Hamas of 'genocide' even once

Despite this, the extreme left has not accused Hamas of "genocide" even once in the seven months that this war started by that terrorist group has lasted, nor has it launched that accusation against Russia in the more than two years of its invasion of Ukraine, with constant and indiscriminate Russian attacks against the civilian population. It's a disgusting double standard.

In many cases, the far left did not even condemn the Hamas terrorist attack. On October 19, 2023, the only MEP from Izquierda Unida, the communist Sira Rego, current Minister of Youth in the Pedro Sánchez government, voted against the condemnation approved by the European Parliament against the Hamas terrorist attack. The day that attack took place, Rego's only message was to say the following: "Palestine has the right to resist after decades of occupation, apartheid and exile." A nauseating message.

The extreme left and its display of anti-Semitism

Thus, for the extreme left, 165 dead Arabs (including the terrorists) are "genocide" (all in a war started by Hamas and in which these terrorists used the civilians of Gaza as shields humans), but it is not genocide if we talk about 1,500 Jews killed as a result of the Hamas terrorist attack, an attack that clearly sought to kill as many Jews as possible. The far left shows not the slightest mercy for the hundreds of civilians murdered and kidnapped or for the Jewish women who were raped by Hamas terrorists. I have been repeating for years that there is nothing more similar to a nazi than a communist. The facts prove it again, also in their common hatred towards the Jewish people.

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