Abascal warned that Sánchez "continues with his plan to perpetuate himself"

The Constitutional Court stops Sánchez's coup against judicial independence in Spain

The Constitutional Court (TC) has agreed to temporarily suspend the parliamentary processing of Sánchez's assault on the separation of powers.

Sánchez's coup against the Justice in Spain is a copy of what Chávez did in Venezuela
The articles of the Constitution that Sánchez violates to liquidate judicial independence

In a decision known tonight, the TC has admitted by six votes to five the very precautionary measures requested by the Popular Party against the processing of that reform. As reported by Europa Press, the magistrates have understood that the parliamentary procedure causes damage that is difficult to repair to the rights of the opposition deputies, who had invoked Article 23 of the Constitution, that protects the right to political participation of citizens through their representatives.

Let us remember that the government approved this reform in Congress urgently and with two amendments to a proposed law, an openly unconstitutional way of modifying two organic laws, that of the General Council of the Judiciary and that of the Constitutional Court, in order to submit both judicial bodies to government control.

This is the first time in 40 years that the Constitutional Court is forced to stop a parliamentary vote, an unprecedented situation that occurs due to the eagerness of the coalition government, made up of socialists and communists, and their separatist parliamentary partners for liquidating the constitutional barriers that could prevent a new separatist coup like the one that occurred in 2017. It is especially serious that the government itself has joined separatism in its eagerness to circumvent the rule of law dynamiting it from within.

On the decision of the TC, the president of the third most voted party in Spain, Santiago Abascal, has warned: "The decision of the Constitutional Court should stop, for the moment, Sánchez's assault. But nothing has been gained, because he continues with his plan to perpetuate himself. He is capable of ignore the Court. We will continue working to stop it definitively: motion and further legal actions."


Photo: K3T0 / Wikimedia.

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