It can cause serious social conflict by destroying a pillar of coexistence

The Sánchez's betrayal of the rule of law and its effects: who will respect the laws?

The government of socialists and communists continues with its messages in favor of granting an abstention to its separatist partners.

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Sánchez questions the judicial process of the perpetrators of the 2017 coup

In his campaign to justify this amnesty, yesterday Pedro Sánchez used an official government act at the UN to criticize the judicial process of the 2017 separatist coup, a coup in which serious crimes of sedition and embezzlement of public funds were committed, in an attempt to subvert the constitutional order in a part of Spain. "A political crisis never had to lead to judicial action and judicialization," Sánchez said. That is, he called the crimes committed by the separatists a "political crisis" in their agenda to break national unity.

Perhaps the government has not realized the effects its attack on the rule of law will have. If the government exempts its separatist partners from complying with the law, by what authority will it impose it on the rest of us? In a democratic country, the law must apply to everyone equally, without making exceptions for the government allies. What Sánchez intends, in addition to an unconstitutional act, is a serious case of political corruption, which is how we should describe the fact of granting illegal benefits to others in exchange for political favors.

If the law is not the same for everyone, then it is not a law

For decades we have been told that we must respect the law because it is the same for everyone. Sánchez is preparing to destroy that basic pillar for coexistence in a democratic country, and he intends to do so with the sole purpose of being able to continue in the Moncloa palace for a while longer. But, if he grants this amnesty, he will be sending a message to society: the law is no longer the same for everyone . The friends of the government have permission to skip it and go unpunished. And the rest of us have to put up with it. But a law that is not for everyone is not a law. Its deterrent effect on society is suppressedby an irresponsible government that decides, by simple will, that some are exempt from respecting it.

With this attack on the rule of law, Sánchez will do great damage to the work of the State Security Forces, whose agents are the ones who have to enforce the law on our streets. By what authority will the Police enforce the law while the government makes exceptions to its compliance for political reasons? Sánchez is going to cause a serious social conflict, which is what happens when one of the bases of our coexistence is destroyed, which is equality before the law.

The effects of destroying the didactic aspect of the laws

This conflict is going to be reflected in our most everyday and immediate reality. Who will pay taxes and can avoid it while the government leaves politicians convicted of embezzlement of public funds unpunished? Let's begin to imagine how many areas of our lives are covered by the rule of law, not only in the coercive sense, but also in the coercive sense. but in the purely didactic sense. If the government itself breaks the law, by what right does it ask citizens to respect it?

Corrupt attitudes like Sánchez's only serve to generate chaos and disorder, something that he, it seems, cares little or nothing about. The only thing that matters to this autocrat is being able to continue sleeping in La Moncloa. I hope the day comes when he has to end up sleeping in prison to pay for what he is doing with Spain.


Photo: PSOE.

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