The socialist leader is willing to do anything so that the elections are not repeated

Faced with Sánchez's despotism, it is not enough to reject the amnesty: one more thing is needed

Spain is witnessing the spectacle of an acting president of the government who wants to turn the country upside down to remain in office.

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During these last years, Pedro Sánchez has shown that for him everything is subordinated to his personal interest. He has not cared about attacking judicial independence, agreeing with sympathizers of the terrorist group ETA, agreeing with separatists and violating the Constitution. He considers that anything goes to remain in power, at any price. He sees Spain as a farm that belongs to him and that he can manage with no other purpose than to use it for his personal benefit. Until now he has not cared about harming the Spanish people and the future of Spain as a democratic Nation, if with this he manages to remain in power.

The new price that he wants us Spaniards to pay so that he can continue in La Moncloa is to strip the Spanish language of its status as a common language, introducing the use of regional languages and turning Congress into a modern Tower of Babel, and destroy the foundations of the rule of law with an openly unconstitutional amnesty, which would leave serious crimes committed by its parliamentary partners unpunished. He is willing to demolish our constitutional system in order not to lose power.

Seeing himself as the absolute owner of what he considers his personal property, Sánchez is doing everything possible to prevent a repeat of the elections, because he knows that his party, the PSOE, would be greatly harmed, after for having denied time and time again that he would approve an amnesty. Although his voters have shown enormous apathy for his lies, Sánchez fears he has reached the limit and knows that new elections could take him away from what matters most to him: power. Thus, we are witnessing the undemocratic fraud of an unscrupulous politician who deceives his voters by promising one thing and doing the opposite, and then refusing to consult those deceived again, for fear of electoral punishment.

Therefore, in view of the mobilizations that will soon take place in Spain against the amnesty prepared by the Socialist Party, it would also be advisable to denounce the despotism of Pedro Sánchez, calling for new elections. The political situation in Spain is no longer the same as before the July elections, because then few imagined to what lengths Sánchez would be able to go to stay in power. He has committed one of the biggest deceptions in the history of Spain and we Spaniards must give our opinion about it at the polls. We must not tolerate Sánchez deciding our future through fraud and without consulting us, as if we were the servants of his fiefdom and not the citizens of a democratic country.


Photo: PSOE.

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