Its decision to reward Hamas aligns Spain with dictatorships and terrorists

If Sánchez were “on the right side of history”, this scum would not praise him

Sánchez has been left very alone with his irresponsible decision to reward Hamas with the recognition of a Palestinian state.

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Sánchez says his government is “on the right side of history”

His European tour to add more countries to that recognition only achieved the support of Ireland and Norway, two countries that were already clear about that decision. Sánchez has achieved one more diplomatic failure by settling on the extreme left, whose ideological theses are what now drive his foreign policy in relation to Israel.

In the absence of better arguments, and to try to dampen criticism, Sánchez said today that his government is "on the right side of history". A statement that would provoke laughter if we were not talking about a war caused by Hamas, a terrorist organization that still holds more than a hundred hostages.

Sánchez's government aligns itself with three dictatorships that support Hamas

Sánchez heads the only EU government that accuses Israel of "genocide", a slander that has already been launched by both communist ministers from Sumar (Yolanda Díaz and Sira Rego) and the socialist Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, without Sánchez having disavowed them at any time. In that accusation, Sánchez has put Spain in the company of Hamas allies such as Iran, Turkey and Venezuela. What will history say about the fact that at a time like this the Spanish government has sided with three dictatorships that support terrorists?

Sánchez's announcement has been celebrated by Hamas, the PFLP and the Taliban

On the other hand, Sanchez's announcement to recognize the Palestinian state while the terrorists still have not released the more than one hundred hostages, has been praised by Hamas (here is its statement) and by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP, here is its statement), two organizations classified as terrorist by the European Union.

Likewise, the Taliban of Afghanistan have also celebrated this announcement (here is their statement). Let us remember that this is an Islamist government that subjects women to atrocious discrimination.

Sánchez places Spain on the side of dictatorships and terrorist groups

I don't know what Sánchez will consider to be the "correct side of history" (perhaps he is referring to the history books published by Islamists, among whom the Spanish socialist leader seems to be very popular), but in the democratic Western world that side is not together with dictatorships and terrorist groups. What Sánchez has done with Spain is to bring it together with the worst possible company and distance it from the only democracy in the Middle East, which is Israel, a country that on October 7 suffered a brutal terrorist attack that has been rewarded by Sánchez with the recognition of a state for the perpetrators of the attack. A recognition without any practical effect in the Middle East, but which leaves Spain's international image in tatters.


Photo: Mahmud Hams/AFP. Hamas terrorists.

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