A meeting held during Fleet Week in Times Square, New York

“Once a marine, always a marine”: the emotional act of some USMC veterans

There are many veterans of the armed forces from different countries who retain a special bond with them after graduating.

The items a United States Marine carries in his backpack on a 72-hour operation
A spectacular air assault demonstration by the United States Marines in San Diego

That bond is especially strong in the United States Marine Corps (USMC). The pride of belonging to it and the great history of service to its country has forged within its ranks a great bond that is reflected in a phrase that is already world famous: "Once a marine, always a marine". Wherever they are, even if they are no longer in uniform, Marine veterans continue to retain their pride in being part of the great USMC family.

This could be seen, once again, in New York's Times Square a few days ago. The Fleet Week New York was held there, an annual event in which the Navy and the Marine Corps coincide. On the afternoon of May 22, the Marine Corps Band and the Silent Drill Platoon were in Times Square.

As usual, this event brought together a large audience. The Silent Drill Platoon is very popular for its colorful displays, in which it shows great coordination and amazing skill when handling its M1 Garand rifles. But in addition to that, a group of USMC veterans of various ages underwent training, demonstrating that they continue to remember their instruction well. The most moving moment, without a doubt, came when singing the famous Marine Hymn. New York Street posted the video:


Images: New York Street / Marine Barracks Washington 8th & I.

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