Saudi Arabia and a Turkish agency have broken that trap for Pedro Sánchez

The photo without women of Sánchez and the Islamic leaders that La Moncloa hid on its website

Sometimes, when you are looking for information to write an article, you may come across surprises that are worth another article.

The six Islamic leaders in this photo with Sánchez and the things their regimes do
If the left can't explain what a woman is, why does it say there is none here?

This Thursday morning I published an article here about Sánchez's meeting with six Islamic leaders. As you will see, eight men appear in the photo: the aforementioned leaders along with Sánchez and Albares, his Foreign Minister. For this type of photos I usually go to the La Moncloa website, the headquarters of the presidency of the government, which publishes photo galleries with the actions of members of the Spanish executive.

El gobierno español puso a dos funcionarias como figurantes para evitar una foto sin mujeres

In the statement from La Moncloa about yesterday's meeting you will see a video showing that pose for the photographers. However, in the video two women appear in that pose: María del Carmen Pérez Pérez, general director of the Department of International Information of the Presidency of the Government, and Emma Aparici Vázquez de Parga strong>, Secretary General of Foreign Affairs of the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government. What were two people who are not even Secretaries of State doing in that photo? In the statement from La Moncloa about this meeting does not even mention them.

The reason for their presence in that photo is easy to explain: they used those two officials from La Moncloa as a female quota to avoid a photo only of men. Let us remember that a few days ago, the government itself criticized Milei's photo with Spanish businessmen because there were no women and now, with those criticisms still very recent, The situation was going to be repeated in La Moncloa and with leaders of regimes known for seriously discriminating against women.

Moncloa hid the pose without women in its photo gallery of the meeting

The most striking thing is that in the photo gallery of La Moncloa about that meeting that photo without women does not appear that I published this morning. Of course, I didn't make it up. It is not a photo montage: I found it at the agency Turkish news

These are the two photos of that pose that were published by La Moncloa. In the photo gallery published by the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government of Spain, the photo without women does not appear. They hid that photo without women to avoid criticism.

Saudi Arabia and a Turkish agency have busted that trap

Below you can see the photo without women published by the Turkish agency

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia has also published this photo without women, insulting it Sánchez the trick of putting two women in the photo as extras and hiding the posed without women on the La Moncloa website:

The Ministry of Albares also hid the photos of a posed without women

The surprises do not end there. Yesterday, Albares also received the Islamic leaders at the Viana Palace. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain only publishes this photo in his statement:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia has once again criticized the "inclusive" photo of the Spanish government, publishing two photos without women that demonstrate that there was a pose only for men, a pose that, as in the case of La Moncloa, the Ministry of Albares preferred to hide:

Will we see any criticism from feminists of these poses without women with leaders of brutally sexist countries? Or will they remain silent because this time the photo is with a government that boasts of being feminist?


Main photo Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia.

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