Spanish socialists and communists trample on their own ideological dogmas

If the left can't explain what a woman is, why does it say there is none here?

The left is installed on an endless journey towards unreason in which it does not stop incurring constant contradictions.

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Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz did not know how to say what a woman is...

In July 2023, in a debate, the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, asked a simple questiondirected at the socialist Pedro Sánchez and the communist Yolanda Díaz, who are members (president and vice president second, respectively) from the current government of Spain: "What is a woman for you?" It seemed like a very simple question to answer. However, Sánchez and Díaz were not able to respond.

... after imposing a law that endangers women

Abascal's question was a very successful way to expose the irrationality of gender ideology, that bundle of dogmas that emerged from the extreme left and that both the socialists and the centrists (the Popular Party) have put an end to. assuming. "If you think that a man who perceives himself as feminine is a woman, you are very wrong and you put women at risk", Abascal said in that debate, referring to the Trans Law that imposes heavy fines for preventing trans men from accessing female locker rooms, a colossal totalitarian nonsense that endangers millions of women and that it was supported by the socialists and the communists in Spanish Congress in February 2023.

The disappearance of biological sex for the sake of aberrant gender ideology

Aberrant laws like these, which impose gender ideology by trampling biology and reason, imply the disappearance of biological sex for legal purposes, being replaced by self-perceived "gender". That is, if a person with all the biological attributes of a man tells you that she is a woman, in Spain you can be fined if you listen to your eyes and not to said self-perception. The totalitarian regime of George Orwell's novel "1984", which manipulated reality at will, seemed like something that could never leave the world of dystopian fiction, but it is already among us.

The problem that the left has with these ideological nonsense is evident: if socialists and communists do not know how to explain what a woman is, what sense does feminism have? All their theories about the oppression of women at the hands of of men just vanish. But the left and coherence have never gotten along well, as we have seen again in these last few hours.

Yolanda Díaz says that there are no women in that photo: how does she know?

Yesterday, the Efe agency published the photo that you can see at the top of these lines. Taking advantage of his visit to Spain to attend Vox's Viva 24 event, the president of Argentina, Javier Milei, held a meeting with Spanish businessmen. A meeting like this is always something positive, but the left moved quickly to contribute their dose of stupidity to the moment, criticizing the fact that no women appeared in the photo.

The vice president Yolanda Díaz stated: "There are two absences in that photo: women and democratic decency". I confess that reading a communist leader who praised a criminal tyrant like Fidel Castro by giving lessons in "democratic decency" is something that made me laugh out loud. For the rest, if Yolanda Díaz was unable to explain what a woman is, why does she say that none appears in that photo? Have you asked each of the people who appear in the image which one? It's your self-perceived "gender", perhaps?

Some statements for which the left itself threatens Spaniards with fines

On the other hand, the Minister of Equality, the socialist Ana Redondo, wrote: "This image does not represent the reality of Spanish society but it does represent the urgent need for the Organic Law of equal representation and balanced presence of women and men that the Government of Spain is promoting." Redondo is a member of Pedro Sánchez's party, the same Pedro Sánchez who in that debate did not know how to explain what a woman is. Why does she say there are no women in that photo? Has she done an examination of the self-perceived "gender" of those portrayed?

We must remember that by making statements like this, ignoring self-perceived "gender" and attributing to a person a certain sex based on biology or appearance, the left has not only launched accusations of "transphobia" but also threatens all Spaniards with fines. But despite this, the left itself knows that the gender ideology that it imposes in Spain through coercion is a lie. That aberrant ideological dogma that they have imposed on all of us was a big lie, and not even they themselves are capable of supporting it with a minimum of coherence. Something that is not new in the history of the left: in the end, socialism and communism are nothing more than a great deception to deceive millions of deluded people.


Photo: Efe.

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