A real witch hunt by the Spanish left against those who want to protect women

Trans Law: heavy fines for not allowing trans men to access women's locker rooms in Spain

This Friday we saw here the favors of the Trans Law to rapists. We are now going to review the sanctions against those who try to stop these favors.

The new favor to rapists approved by the Spanish left-wing with applause
The Article 41 of the Trans Law: The new gift of the Spanish left-wing for rapists

A man should be recognized as a woman just by asking

The law approved this Thursday by the Congress of Deputies (the text can be read here) includes a chapter on sanctions in Title IV. Let's remember that Article 41 of the law (it has become 44 in its final draft) allows a man to be legally recognized as a woman by simply notifying it at the Civil Registry. Point 3 of that Article states:

"The exercise of the right to rectify the registry of the mention related to sex in no case may it be conditioned to the prior presentation of a medical report or psychological related to the discrepancy with the sex mentioned in the birth registration, nor to the previous modification of the appearance or bodily function of the person through medical, surgical or other procedures."

Thus, a man only has to communicate that he is a woman in the Civil Registry, and he can even keep his male name (point 4 of the aforementioned article) to be legally considered a woman. It is a colossal legal nonsense, especially taking into account what Article 46 points out in point 2: "The registry rectification will allow the person to exercise all the rights inherent to their new condition." In other words, it is enough to change the sex indicated in the Civil Registry to, for example, have access to locker rooms and bathrooms reserved for women, with the consequent risks when we are talking about a man who claims to be a woman but retains masculine sexual attributes.

Fines of up to 150,000 euros for those who do not allow that man to access women's bathrooms

From there we move on to what Article 79.4 g) says, a fact already pointed out this Friday by The Objective but which, surprisingly, has not been dealt with by any other media, perhaps due to ignorance of the text or due to ignorance of what this paragraph legally entails, which considers the following to be a very serious infraction:

"The denial, when it does not constitute a criminal offense, of access to establishments, goods and services available to the public and the offer thereof, including housing, when said refusal is motivated by the person's sexual orientation and identity, gender expression, or sexual characteristics."

As this paragraph is worded, it could be considered a very serious infraction to deny access to a bathroom or a women's locker room to a man who has registered as a woman even if he continues to retain his masculine name and sexual attributes with those who were born There is a paradox that trying to protect women from situations that entail a serious risk of sexual assault will be grounds for a strong penalty.

According to Article 80 of the law, that would be punished with fines of 10,001 to 150,000 euros . But the punishment for the offending establishment could not be limited to a fine that could already imply the bankruptcy of the business.

Protecting women can even cost you to close the business

In addition, Article 80.3 states that "in attention to the infringing subject and the area in which the infringement occurred", other measures could also be imposed, such as the refusal or suspension of public subsidies and the prohibition to access them for a period of three years, as well as the "prohibition of contracting with the Administration, its autonomous bodies or public entities for a period of up to three years" with which the law further favors establishments that create risk situations for women.

But things go even further: the law states that the sanction could lead to the closure of the establishment "for a maximum term of three years, when the offending person is responsible for the establishment" , and including "cessation of economic or professional activity carried out by the offending person for a maximum term of three years". In other words, not only would they close the establishment, but it would even be forbidden for you to dedicate yourself to that work by opening a new one. And all for protecting women.

There are already too many coincidences in favors for sexual offenders

In light of this, we find ourselves before a true witch hunt by the socialists of the PSOE and the communists of Podemos against establishments that do not want to turn their bathrooms or locker rooms into dangerous places for women and girls. A witch hunt that, to make matters worse, promotes a government whose "only yes is yes" law has already benefited more than 500 rapists and pedophiles. At this point, it is worth asking if this is a mere botch job or a deliberate act within the framework of a political strategy, because there are already too many coincidences in favors for sexual offenders. It is worth wondering if this law it has been promoted to protect LGBT people or to create a society where women live in fear of being sexually assaulted, so that they later turn to the same "feminist" government that created the problem for help .


Photo: Efe.

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