It labels a movement that defends democracy as 'extreme right'

Junk journalism and the stabbing of several people for criticizing Islam

This morning, the German city of Mannheim was the scene of an attempted murder of several people for criticizing Islam.

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An attack against an information post of the Pax Europa Citizen Movement

A man with a beard attacked an information post of the Pax Europa Citizen Movement (BPE). The aggressor attacked several members of this association with a knife, and also injured a police officer who tried to arrest, by mistake, one of the victims of the attack. The complete video of the events can be seen in the German media The aggressor was dejected by the Police. No information has been revealed about him.

The manipulation of this fact by some media

Some media have already launched their manipulation machinery to distort what happened. For example, Spanish Television has titled its news of these events as follows: "Several injured in a knife attack against a extreme right activist in the German city of Mannheim." The newspaper El Mundo has gone even further there: "At least two injured after a knife attack at a extreme right event in the German city of Mannheim." Reading this, one gets the impression that the perpetrators of the attack were members of the extreme right.

This is what the Pax Europa Citizen Movement defends

As you know, I have the habit of going directly to the sources. This is what the Pax Europa Citizen Movement (BPE) website says:

"The BPE informs the public about human rights violations caused by political Islam and about the existential dangers arising from the growing spread and influence of political Islam for free democratic societies in Germany and Europe. The BPE is committed to protecting and preserving European values ​​and freedoms on the basis of democracy and the rule of law, the achievements of the Enlightenment and universal human rights.

The BPE adds the following:

"It is registered in the list of associations registered with the German Bundestag and participates as an NGO, among other things, in OSCE conferences. The work of the BPE is politically independent and non-denominational."

And this is what the BPE program states:

"The work of the BPE is based on the belief in a free democratic constitutional State and in universal human rights, which are reflected in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) of the Charter of the United Nations 1948. The BPE is committed to the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The first part of our motto "For the protection and preservation of European values ​​and freedoms! Against political Islam!" We define it as follows: we defend the protection and preservation of the European canon of values.

We especially associate the following achievements of civilization with the aforementioned "European values ​​and freedoms", which for us are non-negotiable: democracy, the rule of law, the separation of the state and religion, the equality of all people, the equality of all people before the law, respect for human dignity, the right to physical integrity, the illegalization of violence, the right to a self-determined life, sexual self-determination, freedom of religion, the right to education, freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of the press, freedom of art and science."

The BPE program adds:

"The BPE speaks out against all totalitarian ideologies and worldviews."

The movement also recognizes this in its program on Islam:

"Political Islam is opposed and hostile to the civilizational achievements of enlightened modernity and strives, in the name of its claim to global power, to install the totalitarian social system of political Islam under the prevalence of Sharia law in the free societies of Europe. The spread of political Islam in Europe currently politically permitted and even often encouragedrepresents a long-term existential threat to the democratic state, human rights and the identity and cultural diversity of Europe."

Likewise, points out: "According to BILD, at the Stürzenberger stand where the demonstration would take place a flag of Germany and another of Israel were flying ".

Is this what some media describe as "extreme right"? Is defending democracy, human rights, freedoms, the Enlightenment and even "sexual self-determination" typical of right-wing extremists, according to those means? Are they trying to convince us that far-right, which in Germany has always been anti-Semitic, flies the flag of Israel? In the West we have junk journalism that is criminalizing the defense of democracy and freedoms and is dedicated to whitewashing a political Islam that directly threatens that democracy and those freedoms.

The media whitewashing of Islamism, allied with the left

If there is something that could be classified as "extreme right" it is political Islam, which seeks to impose in Europe a way of seeing society that is pre-democratic, harmful to women's rights and contrary to democratic principles very basic. But coincidentally, this political Islam is usually very well viewed by the left, because both have in common their hatred for Western culture and their Judeo-Christian roots. That is what explains the manipulations of trash journalism.

To finish, a paradox: in the West we often read and hear the greatest atrocities against Christianity. Leftist politicians, journalists and activists often launch all kinds of defamations, insults and slander against Christians in general and against Catholics in particular. And yet, we never see responses from Christians like today in Mannheim. For these leftists, the bad guys are the Christians who defend themselves peacefully and not those who respond to criticism of Islam with stabs.

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