A new attempt to hide an uncomfortable reality, this time in Australia

The attempted murder of a Christian bishop and an elephant invisible to many media

A few days ago, the video of a young man stabbing a Syriac Christian bishop in Sydney, Australia made headlines around the world.

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A terrorist attack linked to “religiously motivated extremism”

The attacked was Mar Mari Emmanuel, 53, born in Iraq and leader of the Church of Christ the Good Shepherd, an independent Orthodox Christian church. The assassination attempt was broadcast on social networks since it took place during a sermon by the bishop, which has contributed to the attack being spread worldwide. The perpetrator of the attack is a 16-year-old boy. The event caused great indignation and hundreds of people demonstrated in front of Bishop Mar Mari's church, so the Police had to make a great deployment to protect the criminal.

The Australian Police have classified this attack as a terrorist act. In addition, he has indicated that the attack would be related to a "extremism motivated by religion", but without indicating what religion would have motivated the perpetrator of the attack. There is a piece of information that is difficult to find in Australian media, such as has been pointed out today by Robert Semonsen in The European Conservative, as if it were a taboo, but which has been published by the Associated Press agency: the attacker was Muslim and spoke about the Prophet Muhammad during the attack.

The very different treatment that terrorist Anders Breivik received

The contrast between the concealment of this information and what happened in 2012 is curious, when some media described the terrorist Anders Breivik as "ultra-Catholic", who was actually a Freemason, after the terrorist attacks he perpetrated in Oslo and Utoya , Norway. Political correctness activists were not scandalized then that this lack of attribution served to criminalize Catholics, which is what many left-wing activists did then on social networks.

The injustice of generalizing and blaming the innocent

As I have already said, just because there are Muslim terrorists does not mean that all Muslims are terrorists. It is very unfair to generalize the criminal behavior of a minority to all those who practice that religion, among whom there are many good people. In fact, in the recent stabbings in a Sydney shopping center, a Muslim security guard was murdered, who stood up to the aggressor and who today is rightly described as a hero.

The vast majority of current terrorist groups are Islamist

What cannot be hidden is the fact that the vast majority of active terrorist groups (more than a hundred) are Islamist and use Islam to legitimize themselves and attract support - there we have the example of Hamas and its terrorist attack of October 7, 2023 against Israel-, in addition to recruiting its members among radical mosques. Nor can one hide the fact that among the 50 countries that most persecute Christians there are 36 Islamic regimes.

Islam can no longer be treated as an invisible elephant in our society by many politicians and the media. It is a special responsibility of Islamic leaders to delegitimize terrorists, at least with the same intensity with which they complain about "Islamophobia" every time a jihadist group perpetrates an attack. Furthermore, Western society should not be tolerant of the most radical mosques and Islamists who seek to transfer to the West the situation of lack of freedom that exists in many Islamic countries. We are risking our freedoms and our democracy with this problem that some try to make invisible.


Image: Marc Randolph.

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