That television channel depends on the government of Qatar, an Islamic regime

Nigeria: Al Jazeera blames 'climate change' for massacres of Christians by Islamists

"Climate change" is becoming a purely obsessive topic with which some politicians try to explain any fact.

The images of the brutal Islamist massacre against Christians in Nigeria on Christmas Eve
The 7 communist and 36 Islamic regimes that most persecute Christians in 2023

Al Jazeera omits that the victims of the massacre were Christians

This week, the Al Jazeera channel, dependent on the government of Qatar (an Islamic regime that has ranked number 34 on the list of 50 countries that most persecute Christians), has provided his particular explanation for a new episode of Islamist violence: the massacre of Christians on Christmas Eve in Nigeria at the hands of Fulani terrorists, an ethnic group with a Muslim majority. In a news item published on December 25, Al Jazeera omits that the victims of this new massacre were Christians and that the murderers were Islamists, and refers terrorists as mere "armed groups" and "bandits".

The Islamic channel blames 'climate change' for the massacres perpetrated by Islamists

The most surprising thing about the news from that Islamic channel can be read in the seventh paragraph of the text, in which it talks about the state of Plateau, where the massacre of Christians was perpetrated a few days ago:

"Plateau is one of several states that make up the ethnically and religiously diverse Middle Belt in Nigeria, where climate change and expanding agriculture has strained communities and increased tensions between Muslim herders and Christian farmers."

Reduces the more than 52,000 Christians murdered in Nigeria to a few "hundreds"

In its attempt to present this as mere religious "tensions", Al Jazeera omits that it is Christians who are suffering the killings. Let us remember that more than 52,000 Christians have been killed by Fulani Islamists in the last 14 years. A figure that the Qatar channel considerably reduces: "Hundreds of people have been killed in cases of intercommunal violence in recent years." Once again, without mentioning that the victims are Christians.

A long history of violence

Islam began its expansion with violence throughout the Middle East and North Africa, through a series of military offensives that began in the 7th century, with massacres such as the one perpetrated against the Christian city of Duin, in Persian Armenia, in the year 640: 12,000 of its inhabitants were murdered and 35,000 were enslaved. It took Christians four centuries to respond to this wave of attacks, organizing the Crusades, today demonized by many Islamic authors.

Even today, the vast majority of active terrorist groups (more than a hundred) are Islamist. To give us an idea, the second large group of terrorist groups, those with communist ideology, totals about 20 criminal gangs. Likewise, among the 50 countries that most persecute Christians there are 36 Islamic regimes, including Qatar, as I have already pointed out.

Let us also remember that Qatar is one of the main allies of the Hamas terrorists, the Islamist terrorist group that perpetrated the brutal attack on October 7 against Israel. Does Al Jazeera think that all this is attributable to "climate change"?


Photo: Boko Haram Islamist terrorists in Nigeria.

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