The terrorists murdered 162 men, women, children and even babies

The images of the brutal Islamist massacre against Christians in Nigeria on Christmas Eve

Once again, Christians in Nigeria have been victims of a new terrorist massacre perpetrated by Islamist terrorists.

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New massacre against Catholics in Nigeria: a genocide that has been hidden for years

WARNING: The images shown below may be disturbing to you.

This time the attack was perpetrated against at least 20 Christian communities in Plateau state during the night of December 24, when the victims celebrated the Christian holiday of Christmas Eve, according to the Nigerian newspaper The Guardian, which omits the Christian condition of the victims. Peoples Gazette notes that 162 people have been murdered, without mentioning the religion of the victims.

From Truth Nigeria they point out that the villages attacked are Christian and that there are about 500 injured. The attackers were Fulani terrorists, a Muslim-majority ethnic group that has been carrying out brutal massacres against Christians in Nigeria for years. Truth Nigeria notes that in the first half of 2023, more than 2,500 Christians were killed in Nigeria by Fulani terrorists.

Last April, Vatican News noted that in the last 14 years, 52,250 Christians have been murdered by Islamists in Nigeria. This is a full-fledged genocide, which is being silenced by most of the Western media.

The journalist Eniola Daniel has published a video that includes images of this massacre. I have taken some screenshots that you can see below. I don't like to publish images as terrible as these, but given that the world has been looking the other way for years at the massacres of Christians in Nigeria, I think there is no other way to make people understand what's happening there.

A baby crying next to the body of his mother, murdered by Islamists.

A mother and her baby. They murdered them both.

A murdered baby, with his eyes open. He died hugging his mother, who was also murdered.

Terrorists have murdered entire families, including children and babies.

A little girl and a baby murdered along with their mothers. The terrorists have demonstrated a purely diabolical viciousness.

My prayers for all the victims and my hope that Justice will be done and the terrorists will pay for these crimes.


Main photo: AFP. A file image of houses burned during an Islamist attack in Plateau state, Nigeria, in 2022.

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