The deceased is Manuel Rey Cordeiro 'Coco', born in Vigo in 1962

A Spanish pilot from the Yakstars team dies in a plane crash in Portugal

The air shows that is being held this weekend at the Beja Air Base, in Portugal, has been tinged with mourning this Sunday.

This afternoon, at 16:05 Lisbon time (17:05 CET), two planes from the Spanish-Portuguese aerobatic team Yakstars have collided in the air during an air show at the aforementioned base, in the frame of the Beja Air Show. As a result of the collision, one plane crashed, catching fire and causing a column of smoke, and another ended up falling to the ground.

At 19:33 hours (CET), the Portuguese Air Force reported the death of a Spanish pilot of the Yakstars team as a result of this accident. This patrol flies with seven Yakolev Yak-52 aircraft, manufactured by Aerostar in Romania. Here you can see two videos of the accident:

The first plane seen falling and catching fire in the video is the EC-IAS. As seen on the Yakstars website, it was the plane of the Galician pilot Manuel Rey Cordeiro "Coco", born in Vigo in 1962 and a resident of Sigüeiro (Oroso, La Coruña). He was Yakstar 4 and played the role of Lead Solo in this team for more than 15 years.

The photo that heads this entry was taken at the EC-IAS at the La Coruña Air Festival in 2014, during an exhibition of the Spanish aerobatic patrol Jacob 52. "Coco" had almost 18,000 flight hours and worked as a Vueling pilot flying Airbus A-319, A-320 and A-321. Journalist Mikel A. Alcázar has confirmed that "Coco" is the deceased pilot in this accident. Here's another photo from that exhibition in La Coruña. The EC-IAS is the aircraft on the left.

According to Diário de Noticias, the pilot of the second crashed plane is Portuguese, he is 37 years old and has suffered minor injuries, being taken to a hospital in Beja, where he is under observation.

My condolences and my hug to the family and friends of the deceased pilot. Fly high, Manuel. Rest in peace.


Main photo: Elentir. The crashed plane in Beja in a file photo taken at the La Coruña Air Festival in 2014.

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