The video begins with an EF-18M from the 12th Wing during a Scramble alert

'Expedicionarios', the excellent video of the Spanish Air Force about its past and present

Quite frequently, the Spanish Air Force gives excellent videos to those of us who follow their publications on YouTube.

The icy deployment of the Spanish EF-18 and A400M planes under the snow in Lithuania
The history of the F-104 Starfighter that the Spanish Air Force keeps at Torrejón Air Base

This Monday, the Air Force has started the week with a fabulous video titled "Expedicionarios" (Expeditionaries), in which we see a pilot of an EF-18M from the 12th Wing, the C.15-57 (12-15), preparing to respond to a Scramble alert. The video shows us various missions and current means of the Spanish Air Force and also some moments from its past, including some Spanish aircraft that wrote great pages in the history of aviation (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the bottom bar of the player):

You can see some screenshots from the video here. I start with this image in which we can see something that is rarely seen: the activation of the safety switches of the countermeasures dispenser (flares) and the cannon before takeoff of the EF-18M that stars in the video. These switches are in the off position on the ground to prevent accidents.

The La Cierva C-19MK-4P EC-AIM autogyro (originally EC-CAB), preserved in the Cuatro Vientos Air Museum. It was a model designed by the famous Spanish engineer Juan de la Cierva y Codorníu in 1929 and of which 30 units were built.

A North American T-6D Texan training aircraft, the C.6-155 (421-35). Prior to service in the Air Force, this aircraft was used by the US Navy and the US Army Air Corps. Today it is exhibited at the Cuatro Vientos Air Museum.

A replica of the famous Plus Ultra seaplane that flew from Palos de la Frontera to Buenos Aires in 1926 (I told you its story here last year). This replica is on display at the Cuatro Vientos Air Museum. The original plane, a Dornier Do J Wal with registration M-MWAL, is in the "Enrique Udaondo" Provincial Museum Complex in Luján, Argentina.

An F-104G Starfighter fighter, decorated with the numeral 104-02 (used by C.8-2, cn 63-12716). This aircraft came from JABoG 36 of the Luftwaffe and is preserved in the Cuatro Vientos Air Museum.

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