The Prime Minister of Italy rejects pro-abortion theses at the G7 summit

Meloni and the most infamous ideological consensus of a morally corrupt political class

Yesterday the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the G7 countries opened in Italy, which began with a macabre controversy.

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The leaders of France, Canada and the US (Macron, Trudeau and Biden) they are pushing for the draft of this summit to support prenatal murder, and I say it like this because we have become so accustomed to the word "abortion" that we seem to have forgotten what it means: the cruel act of killing an innocent and defenseless human being in the womb, a cowardly crime that some try to disguise with euphemisms like "right", "reproductive health" or "choice", euphemisms as cynical as when the nazis called their euthanasia program "racial health" to eliminate the disabled.

Faced with those three great promoters of prenatal murder, the Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, has refused to sign a declaration that includes abortion. In this case, Meloni demonstrates the big difference she has with Biden: he claims to be Catholic and she actually is, as demonstrated by her actions. Incidentally, it would not be bad for the Catholic Church to speak out clearly against politicians who claim to be Catholic and support a monstrosity as diabolical as induced abortion, because what pro-abortion politicians like Biden deserve is a public excommunication, for using his status as a Catholic to promote the murder of the most defenseless.

This particular issue demonstrates the extent to which The West has a political class that, with honorable exceptions, exhibits an absolute lack of moral scruples. While they talk to us about the defense of human rights and the protection of weaker and more vulnerable (which is fine), they have no qualms about actively promoting the killing and dismemberment of the smallest and most innocent members of our species, with a chilling lack of mercy that has never been shown to them would occur when referring to dogs, cats or seals.

The promotion of abortion is an issue that completely exposes any apparently kind speech of a political leader. How can we believe that a ruler rejects political corruption while considering the murder of the weakest legitimate? Isn't it more serious to kill and dismember an unborn child than to steal taxpayers' money? I wonder how so many people have reached the point of considering something as aberrant as normal as killing a human being in its prenatal stage, with the same coldness and insensitivity with which one kills a mosquito or a cockroach.

In this sense, I thank politicians like Giorgia Meloni (and of course her Spanish partners at Vox, for whom I have the honor of voting) for launching a message in defense of culture of life, while unscrupulous guys like Macron, Trudeau and Biden become obsessed with promoting the culture of death. I know that one day history will speak of people like Giorgia Meloni with the same admiration with which it speaks of the abolitionists of slavery, people who had to defend what was good and just in the face of a society that He accepted this attack on human dignity as normal. Grazie, Giorgia!


Photo: Palazzo Chigi - Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri.

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