Abascal deactivates part of that socialist strategy with his visit to Israel

Sánchez tries to provoke another incident with Italy to cover up his wife's scandal

The accusation of Begoña Gómez for corruption has been a hard blow for the socialist leader a few days before the European elections.

Sánchez lied: he knew for a month that his wife was being investigated for corruption
Vox opens a new front against socialist corruption that could put Sánchez in prison

Sánchez's attempts to divert attention from his wife's scandal

As I already explained yesterday, Sánchez had known about this accusation for a month, just before publishing the famous letter in which he took five days off to decide, according to himself he assured, whether he resigned or remained at the head of the government. Now, that maneuver remains a crude attempt to divert attention from his wife's scandal.

It should be noted that this has not been Sánchez's only distraction maneuver. The diplomatic conflicts caused by your government with Argentina and Israel, in the first case withdrawing the Spanish ambassador in Argentina and in the second case aligning himself with Hamas allies, are now exposed. Beyond the ideological ingredients of both conflicts, Sánchez only intended to make noise to cover up the scandal involving his wife and also the cases of corruption that affect the Socialist Party (PSOE), of which he is a member. general secretary.

Sánchez's party now insults Giorgia Meloni

Although this distraction strategy has been exposed to public opinion, the socialists insist on betting on this form of manipulation. Yesterday, while the news of the accusation of Begoña Gómez was occupying the front pages of the digital newspapers and became a topic of conversation on social networks, the PSOE launched an incendiary video on Twitter describing Giorgia Meloni, the prime minister of Italy, as "fascist", accusing Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the president of the Popular Party, of wanting to make an agreement with her.

The video, very shabby and clearly improvised, is an evident desperate maneuver by a PSOE cornered by corruption scandals and especially by the one that now affects the personal environment of its top leader. First he set Spain's relations with Argentina on fire and then with Israel, in an attempt to hide the smoke from the news that has been published about the legal cases affecting the Socialist Party and Sánchez's wife. Now he is trying to start a diplomatic fire with Italy, with the same purpose.

Two days before, the government thanked Meloni for his invitation to the G7

The paradox is that this incendiary video comes only two days after it became known that the Sánchez government has thanked Meloni for inviting him to the meeting of the Group of Seven (G7), made up of the heads of state and presidents of government of Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom. All this after Sánchez tried to impose a sanitary cordon against Meloni in Europe, a measure that the Spanish socialist leader has not proposed against dictatorships such as Turkey, Qatar, Venezuela or Cuba.

Sánchez chooses leaders similar to Vox to attack them: will the next be Petr Fiala?

Coincidentally, Sánchez always chooses leaders close to Vox to provoke these diplomatic conflicts. Argentine President Javier Milei has shown several times his affinity towards the party led by Santiago Abascal. Likud, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's party, is an ally of Vox, as is Meloni's Fratelli d'Italia party. Following that line, Sanchez's next cartridge to cover up his wife's scandal would be to provoke a diplomatic incident with the Czech Republic, since the prime minister of that country, Petr Fiala, is the leader of the Civic Democratic Party, Vox's Czech partner.

The 'mud machine' of the Spanish socialists

The fact is that this video insulting the Italian Prime Minister has been released by the same party that speaks of a "mud machine" to discredit the independent media that have brought to light the scandal of his wife. In his distraction strategy, Sánchez has also resorted to the card of victimhood, presenting himself as the victim of a wave of insults. However, both in the case of Milei and in the case of Israel, Sanchez's party and government have been the first to attack with serious insults and defamations. In the case of the Argentine president, the attacks of The Spanish socialists began before his election . In the case of the Israeli Prime Minister, Sanchez's government has reached the level of slander by accusing the Jewish State of committing "genocide", a false accusation spread by Hamas and its allies and actively propagated by the far-left

Everything seems to indicate that the socialists want to do the same with Meloni as in the two diplomatic conflicts. First they insult a foreign leader and, given the slightest response from him, they pretend to feel offended and begin an escalation to keep the media busy so that the news about the Begoña Gómez scandal does not make the front pages. of the newspapers. A very crude but effective strategy.

Abascal deactivates part of that socialist strategy with his visit to Israel

The problem with that strategy is that it is already too obvious and there are ways to deactivate it. Yesterday Santiago Abascal nipped in the bud the diplomatic fire caused by Sánchez with Israel, with a surprise visit to Netanyahu, in which the Vox leader received the commitment from the Israeli Prime Minister that he will respect the unity of Spain in his response to the provocations of the Sánchez government. Abascal also communicated to Netanyahu what is behind those diplomatic fires caused by Sánchez, indicating that he is "covering up his cases of political corruption and economic with the recognition of the Palestinian state."

Everything seems to indicate that the Spanish left and its separatist allies hoped that Israel would adopt an anti-Spanish attitude to continue fueling this diplomatic conflict and indispose more Spaniards against the Jewish State. Now the Israeli government already knows that millions of Spaniards support their country and that Sánchez does not represent us. Abascal has done a great favor to Spain and has exposed Sánchez. Perhaps that is the reason why in the last few hours the socialist activists were very furious with the Vox leader, launching against him all kinds of insults. Abascal has torpedoed the socialist strategy, impacting his waterline.


Photo: Governo.it. The president of the government of Spain, the socialist Pedro Sánchez, in a meeting with the prime minister of Italy, the conservative Giorgia Meloni, on May 4, 2023.

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