He has been provoking diplomatic conflicts to cover up this scandal

Sánchez lied: he knew for a month that his wife was being investigated for corruption

Pedro Sánchez tries to cover up his scandals causing a diplomatic conflict with Israel, today corruption explodes in his hands.

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Sánchez knew that his wife was under investigation when he threatened to resign

This Monday, the judge handling the case against Begoña Gómez lifted the secrecy of the summary, after a media outlet related to the government, the socialist newspaper El País, received an illegal leak of a report from the Civil Guard that was part of that secret summary. This illegal leak was intended to clean the image of Sánchez's wife, so it is not difficult to imagine where she could have come from.

After the secret of that summary was lifted, today it was learned that the judge notified Begoña Gómez of the status of being investigated as soon as the judicial case began, something that occurred precisely the day Sánchez published his famous letter announcing that he was taking five days off to decide whether to resign or not. According to the newspaper El Debate, Sánchez began that theatrical number four hours after learning that his wife was under investigation.

Sánchez said that "there is no case, but mud": it was a lie

Let us remember that on May 17, Sánchez stated that "there is no case, but mud", in reference to the judicial proceedings initiated after the corruption complaints filed against his wife. Sánchez already knew then that Begoña Gómez had the status of being investigated: there was a case and he lied. But he did not limit himself to lying to try to cover up that judicial investigation, but it has also caused a serious diplomatic conflict with Argentina, withdrawing the Spanish ambassador in that country and granting Begoña Gómez the status of a Spanish institution, without being one, all to cover up that judicial case.

Provoking diplomatic conflicts to cover up this scandal

As soon as this conflict with Argentina was provoked, Sánchez started yet another dispute against Israel, with a recognition of an imaginary Palestinian state that has culminated in his crazy announcement today. Thus, Sánchez has dedicated himself to tarnishing the international image of Spain to cover up the judicial case against his wife, seriously compromising Spanish interests and putting them below his personal interests. An action typical of an unscrupulous politician who confuses Spain with his private estate.

The European Prosecutor's Office is also investigating Begoña Gómez

To all this we must add that today it has become known that the European Public Prosecutor's Office is also investigating the alleged corruption case of Sánchez's wife. That is to say, we are not faced with the mere occurrence of a Spanish judge, which is how the media related to the government tried to present this matter. For much less than this, in any other democratic country a president of the government would have already resigned, not only because of what we already know about the scandal affecting Pedro Sánchez's wife, but also because of his lowly maneuvers to cover it up, provoking conflicts with friendly countries and launching attacks on judges and the media.

A way of governing that is typical of an autocrat

The way in which Sánchez clings to office and uses the resources of the State for his private interests is a way of governing typical of a politician who despises the foundations of democracy, which does not only consist of voting to a ruler every four years, but also demand clear limits on the action of power to avoid abuses and, also, that politicians have exemplary behavior. Sánchez acts as if he had no limits to the exercise of his power other than his wishes. He acts like an autocrat and should be held accountable for it.


Image: RTVE.

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