What we are seeing is not mere theater: these are the attitudes of a dictator

Sánchez's overacting against Milei and his threatening message to the media and judges

It might seem like Spain has a theater company instead of a government, but the reality is terribly worse.

The cynicism of the Sánchez Govt: it insults Javier Milei and now it pretends to be offended
The offenses against Spain for which Pedro Sánchez's Govt did not demand any apology

Something much worse than a crude theatrical staging

The cynical response of the Pedro Sánchez government to the president of Argentina, Javier Milei, first insulting him and then demanding an apology and even starting a diplomatic crisis for something he didn't even say, it's something very worse than a crude theatrical staging by the coalition government of socialists and communists to cover up their scandals, and especially those affecting Sánchez's wife.

In the last few hours we have seen things as crazy as a message from the PSOE considering it a lack of "patriotism" not to support Sánchez, or the ridiculous words of Albares, the Foreign Minister, stating that Milei's words are an attack"on our democracy, our institutions and Spain ".

A threatening message to the Spanish people and especially to two groups

It is enough to review the history books to see that this is not the first time that a ruler presents every criticism of himself as a criticism of the Nation, in an attempt to turn those who issue such criticisms into enemies of the country. That has been the attitude traditionally exhibited by dictatorships, in which no one can disagree with the political power or criticize its members, because doing so makes you an enemy of the country and the State.

We are not talking, although it may seem like it, about a painful theater performance. When the Sánchez government presents an alleged criticism of Begoña Gómez - a private person who does not hold any public office, although she can use her advantageous position for her own benefit - as an attack on Spain, democracy and institutions, what it sends is a threatening message to the Spaniards themselves, but very particularly to two groups that are very necessary in a democracy to put limits on political power: the media and the judges.

Turning critics of power into enemies of the State

In a Spain in which the socialists have colonized all institutions, turning the State into an extension of their party, some media and some judges have become the last focus of resistance against Sánchez's authoritarianism strong>, reminding him that being president of the government does not place him above the law and does not grant him impunity for breaking it.

With its overreaction against Milei, the threatening message that the Sánchez government sends is that these media and those judges are enemies of Spain and democracy, a way of trying to intimidate those who intend to continue investigating the possible cases of corruption that affect Pedro Sánchez and his environment. The paradox is that this occurs while the government itself has as allies political parties that boast of their hatred of Spain (including sympathizers of the terrorist group ETA and those who promoted the 2017 separatist coup in Catalonia ) and those who support dictatorships like Cuba and Venezuela from the ranks of communism, the totalitarian movement that has fought the most against democracy in the last century.

The threats that the judge in the Begoña Gómez case is receiving

Taking the above into account, the government's message to Spanish society could be summarized as follows: under Sánchez's government you can insult Spain and support the worst tyrants, and even do favors for such heinous criminals as those who perpetrated the anti-Semitic massacre of October 7, 2023, but you cannot contradict, criticize or investigate Sánchez and his entourage, because doing so makes you an enemy of the State. If anyone considers this conclusion exaggerated, they just have to review today's news: the judge handling the case of Sánchez's wife is receiving threats and the government has not uttered a single word to condemn them.

The incomprehensible equidistance of some at a time like this

This is how a democracy ends up turning into a dictatorship. We already had the precedent of Venezuela, but some still do not realize it and continue practicing an embarrassing equidistance, as the Popular Party has done today, which has not been able to resist even 24 hours its tendency to confuse moderation with lukewarmness, demonstrating once again that in Spain we only have a serious and firm opposition to socialism: Vox.


Photo: PSOE.

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