The Spanish socialist leader puts his wife's affairs above the Nation

The offenses against Spain for which Pedro Sánchez's Govt did not demand any apology

Does Pedro Sánchez put his wife above the deserved respect of the entire Spanish Nation? That seems to indicate his trajectory.

The cynicism of the Sánchez Govt: it insults Javier Milei and now it pretends to be offended
Javier Milei's forceful response to the defamation of a minister of Pedro Sánchez

What happened yesterday in Spain is something unusual: a government demanding an apology from the Argentine head of state for an allusion to a private person, since Begoña Gómez, the wife of Pedro Sánchez, does not have any public office. And all that after the government itself insulted Javier Milei, insinuating that he is a drug addict and calling him a "fascist", without him having expressed any apology for it.

This new theater by Sánchez and his government is an overacting that provokes a logical question: when have they done this in response to offenses against Spain? Let's review some examples:

Judging by these facts, it can be deduced that Pedro Sánchez puts his wife's affairs above the Nation, something that is criticizable and especially when these matters have given rise to a judicial process for a case of corruption. Is this scandal what Sánchez intends to cover up with his overacting against Milei?


Main photo: La Moncloa.

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