The evidence that proves this case was published by the government itself

Vox opens a new front against socialist corruption that could put Sánchez in prison

Spanish socialism continues to reap corruption scandals and its top leader, Pedro Sánchez Castejón, is increasingly cornered.

Santiago Abascal's intervention pointing out the real boss of socialist corruption
Seven uncomfortable questions that Sánchez tries to avoid with his attacks on the media

Sánchez used public resources to present his latest book

Yesterday, the digital newspaper VozPópuli revealed that the government has admitted that Sánchez used public resources to present his book "Tierra firme", a book signed by the current president of the government and whose benefits go to his pocket. Despite being a private book by Sánchez and a private act for profit, its presentation It was made using the Twitter channel of the presidency of the government on December 11, 2023, a fact that provoked harsh criticism, since this was paid for with money from all Spanish taxpayers.

The government itself has published the documents that prove this scandal

The use of public resources for partisan purposes has been common in the Sánchez government, but this time there are official documents that prove this use to present a particular book by Sánchez. These are documents issued by the government itself, which has had to acknowledge that it financed the expenses of that presentation.

Vox announces a complaint against Sánchez for a crime of embezzlement

This new scandal, backed by such solid evidence, already has a response from the political opposition. Yesterday afternoon, Santiago Abascal announced "a complaint in court for this shameful embezzlement by Pedro Sánchez." The president of Vox, the third most voted party in Spain, added: "This guy believes that Spain is a banana republic, that he is its tyrant and that the people have to pay him even for the books they give him. They writeto feed their insatiable ego."

A few minutes later, Vox's national legal coordinator, Marta Castro, added the following to Abascal's announcement: "Said and done. Immediately. It's from the book: Publicly recognized embezzlement".

A crime for which the Penal Code imposes prison sentences

We are facing one of the clearest cases of corruption of all those affecting Spanish socialism, as we have evidence that has been published by the government itself. Furthermore, this case affects Pedro Sánchez personally, and not someone from your personal circle or from his party, although other members of the government presidency could also be involved, taking into account what Article 432 of the Penal Code states, regarding the crime of embezzlement, in point 1:

"The authority or public official who, for profit, appropriates or consents that a third party, with the same purpose, appropriates the public assets that he has in his charge due to his duties or on the occasion of the same, will be punished with a prison sentence of two to six years, special disqualification for public office or employment and for the exercise of the right to passive suffrage for a period of six to ten years."

Regarding the amount of public funds affected, VozPópuli states: "It is not possible to calculate the total direct cost in its entirety, but at least more than 3,000 public euros were allocated to publicize the second part of Sánchez's experiences." In relation to this, point 3 of the aforementioned Article 432 of the Penal Code states:

"The acts referred to in this article will be punished with a prison sentence of one to two years and a fine of three months and one day to twelve months, and in any case special disqualification for public office or employment and the right to passive suffrage for a period of one to five years, when the damage caused or the value of public assets is less than 4,000 euros."

Thus, if the amount embezzled in this case were less than 4,000 euros, Sánchez could choose prison if convicted, as it was a sentence of less than two years and he had no criminal record, but he could not avoid being disqualified from holding public office, so he would be dismissed as president of the government. Otherwise, if the amount was greater than 4,000 euros, Sánchez would go to prison.

A scandal caused by Sánchez's own narcissism

It is still a paradox to observe a curious detail: Sanchez's ego and his narcissism are what led him to break the law to publish a book. Sánchez is one of the most vain and egomaniacal people who have served as president of the Spanish government in recent decades. His autocratic nature has made him believe that he is above the law and that he can break it without any consequences.

Fortunately, and unfortunately for Sánchez, in Spain there are still journalists with the courage to uncover these scandals, organizations to take them to court and independent judges to dictate Justicedespite the strong pressures from the government and the smear campaigns by their related media against all those who dare to denounce the abuses of Sánchez's cabinet.


Photo: Vox Congreso. The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, pointing to Pedro Sánchez during an intervention from the Congress platform on May 22, 2024.

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