He also reproached the PP for its meeting with the PSOE to divide up the Judiciary

Santiago Abascal's intervention pointing out the real boss of socialist corruption

This Wednesday, the Congress of Deputies experienced a government control session very similar to the one held yesterday in the Senate.

The socialist sect that sustains Sánchez and supports his corruption and authoritarianism
Sánchez and Puigdemont dismantle the rule of law and Junts already aims at the unity of Spain

The government does not give any explanation and limits itself to attacking the opposition

Once again, as is usual since Sánchez came to power, the government has not given any explanation for its corruption scandals. Instead, it has dedicated itself to attacking the opposition. The Minister of Finance even made a threatening gesture directed at her political rivals. The government's strategy seems to be very clear: as Congress is annoying by holding it accountable for its corruption, the socialists turn it into a pigsty, just as they did yesterday with the Senate, so that it can be noticed. less than Sánchez and his cabinet colleagues are being hit by serious corruption scandals.

Abascal points out Sánchez as “the boss of the corruption plot”

This morning, during a brief intervention from his seat in Congress, Santiago Abascal, president of Vox, asked Sánchez:

Mr. Sánchez: why didn't you recuse yourself from granting millions of euros to an airline that had meetings with your wife and with the commission agent in the Koldo case? Because it is the law that you should have inhibited yourself. And there is only one explanation to understand why you did not inhibit yourself, and that is that you are the boss of the corruption plot, but only that because you are no longer the boss of politics in Spain, that is reserved for their bosses of separatism and Morocco, who are the ones in charge.

The leader of Vox says that Sánchez should be “in the dock of the accused”

Abascal added: "Your government now only serves as a protection for delinquents, criminals and enemies of Spain of all kinds. That is why you have reduced the penalties for embezzling public money, for sedition, for violations, for terrorism, that is why you make amnesty laws with names and surnames, the Pujols and Puigdemón, in reality with the intimate hope of enjoying impunity yourself, to continue sitting on the blue bench and not on the dock of the accused, which is where you should be".

The Vox leader also stated that "these control sessions with you make less and less sense, because you are only presiding over a lie. You are not the president of the government. The president of the government is up there: her name is Miriam Nogueras, from Junts", the party of the fugitive Carles Puigdemont, to whom Sánchez wants to give an amnesty for all his crimes in exchange for his support for the government.

Abascal's reproach to the PP for its meeting with the PSOE "to divide up the judges"

Abascal also had words for the president of the Popular Party:

Mr. Feijóo: this is the Spain we have. This is the dramatic situation in Spain. You have had enough and the rest of us have had enough asking for the return of the usual PSOE. Here you have the PSOE of corruption, the PSOE of the alliance with separatism and the PSOE of betrayal of Spain. And where are you in the meantime? Where is Mr. Pons? With Bolaños, in Brussels, with an international mediator, embarrassing the Spanish and trying to divide up the judges with the Socialist Party, instead of fulfilling his obligation by paralyzing the amnesty law in the Senate. We will be in the total opposition, without any type of complicity or compromise or meeting with those who have defrauded and betrayed the Spanish, like Mr. Sánchez.

Abascal was referring to the meeting held today between European Commissioner Reynders, the PSOE and the PP (represented by Minister Félix Bolaños and by MEP Esteban González Pons, respectively) with the aim of dividing up the General Council of the Judiciary, all while Sánchez leads a coup to the rule of law and judicial independence with his amnesty law. Curious concept of the opposition, gentlemen of the PP.

You can see here the complete intervention of the president of Vox (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic English subtitles in the bottom bar of the player):


Photo: Vox Congreso.

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