The separatists will ask for self-determination in exchange for the budgets

Sánchez and Puigdemont dismantle the rule of law and Junts already aims at the unity of Spain

The coup on the rule of law in Spain, initiated by Sánchez after the 2023 general elections, is getting even worse.

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What Sánchez already knew about the Russian plot when he offered amnesty to Puigdemont

New cession of the socialists: they will also amnesty terrorism and treason

This Thursday, the socialists of the PSOE and the separatists of ERC and Junts will present to the Constitutional Commission of Congress their new agreement to completely erase the criminal record of Carles Puigdemont, ringleader of the 2017 separatist coup in Catalonia. This new agreement was leaked last night by the separatists to a related media and includes in the amnesty announced the crimes of terrorism and treason for which Puigdemont is being judicially investigated. That is, to guarantee the support of the Catalan separatists for the government, Sánchez grants Puigdemont an amnesty tailored to him.

We are facing a new transfer of the socialists to the separatists, who are taking advantage of the weakness of the PSOE with their corruption scandals to obtain more and more concessions, because they know that Sánchez wants to avoid going to the to new elections, given the high possibilities of losing them. In this way, the supposed red lines that the PSOE marked in January, feigning strength against Puigdemont to avoid a disaster in the Galician elections of February 18, have disappeared after the PSOE obtained its worst result in the 43 years that regional elections have been called in Galicia.

Days ago Puigdemont called for "confrontation" and Sánchez insists on giving in to him

The government's concessions are causing separatism to feel increasingly emboldened. Last week, already giving the new pact on amnesty as achieved Puigdemont called on his followers to prepare for "confrontation" and "unilaterality", that is, to restart a path like the one that led to the separatist coup of 2017. In September, Sánchez had justified the amnesty for the sake of "normalization" and "stabilization" of the political situation in Catalonia, as if this were achieved by leaving unpunished the crimes committed in an attempt to subvert the constitutional order and break the unity of Spain. Now the separatists announce that they will repeat the crimes committed, but Sánchez insists on giving in to them.

Sánchez's attitude can only be explained in the way he exercises power that he has been exhibiting for years: everything is subordinated to his personal interest in staying in power at any price, a price that we will have to pay Spaniards in the form of degradation of the rule of law, violation of equality before the law and discredit of State institutions.

Junts already announces the next step: self-determination in exchange for budgets

From the Catalan separatism they have already made it clear that the blackmailing of the government to continue dismantling the Rule of Law is not going to stop there. Last night, Joan Canadell, Junts deputy in the Catalan regional Parliament, commented on Sánchez's new assignment regarding the amnesty, revealing the following:

"The commitment for this legislature in Madrid was Amnesty and the Right to Self-Determination. Tomorrow we will have one on track, and we will have to go for the second, with budgets involved... A new stage begins."

That is to say, the separatists will ask to break national unity in exchange for their support for the general budgets of the State, because they know that Sánchez and the PSOE, harassed by corruption scandals, will be willing to do anything, even to cut up Spain, in order to remain in power at all costs and govern what is left of the country.

Vox describes the pact as “the greatest act of corruption in the history of Spain”

Last night, after learning that the PSOE, ERC and Junts had reached a new agreement, Vox denounced that This is "the greatest act of corruption in the history of Spain", noting: "While the corruption of the socialists continues to be uncovered during the pandemic, they agree to the liquidation of the rule of law and amnesty for the separatist coup."

The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has commented on this new pact with these words : "Sánchez is Mr. strong> Spain does not deserve this group of criminals and any opposition that makes the slightest agreement with them." A reference to the Popular Party's desire to continue offering pacts to the government.

PP: “Sánchez humiliates Spain again”

In turn, the Popular Party stated last night: "Whatever Sánchez calls it, the amnesty is nothing more than another chapter of his corruption. Tonight the independence movement has paid for the seafood and everything else."

The PP spokesperson in Congress, Miguel Tellado, said: "Sánchez once again humiliates Spain and shows that he does not mind showing off, once again, political corruption while economic corruption surrounds his Government. A month ago he said that he was not going to make more changes to the Amnesty Law. This Monday his spokesperson repeated it. And today he makes a suit tailored to Puigdemont's taste. Another lie. With the agreement with Junts and ERC is bowing down once again. Our country does not deserve a president of the Government on his knees."

Large demonstration on Saturday in Madrid to call for Sánchez's resignation

This time, we Spaniards will not have to wait long to be able to take to the streets to protest against this new surrender of Sánchez to the separatists. In addition to the protests that continue daily on Ferraz Street, next to the national headquarters of the PSOE, this Saturday at 12:00 p.m. there will be a large demonstration in the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid. This protest, titled "There are no reasons, Sánchez resigns!", was announced by Rosa Díez on February 14 and is supported by more than 100 associations.


Photo: RTVE. An archive photo of a meeting between Pedro Sánchez and Carles Puigdemont on March 15, 2016.

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