This amnesty could prevent the investigation of this Russian interference

What Sánchez already knew about the Russian plot when he offered amnesty to Puigdemont

This Monday, the amnesty agreed by Pedro Sánchez with his separatist partners has received a new judicial setback that could derail it.

Russia's support for separatism in Spain and the support of Spanish separatists for Russia
Pedro Sánchez offers Putin, via Waterloo, the key to decide the fate of Spain

A judge opens the possibility of accusing Puigdemont of treason

Judge Joaquín Aguirre, who is investigating the so-called "Volog" case (the Russian plot of the 2017 separatist coup in Catalonia), has observed indications of betrayal in Carles Puigdemont and his contact with a Kremlin agent before he declared the independence of Catalonia during that coup. The Russian emissary offered Puigdemont 10,000 Russian soldiers and 500,000 million dollars, and although the troops did not appear, the judge has found indications that Puigdemont's entourage received money from the Putin regime to help him break Spain.

The crime of treason is classified in Title XXIII Chapter I of the Spanish Penal Code. Article 581 states: "A Spaniard who induces a foreign power to declare war on Spain or agrees with it for the same purpose will be punished with a prison sentence of fifteen to twenty years." As Russian troops offered to break national unity, Puigdemont could be accused of this serious crime.

What Sánchez already knew about the contacts between Russia and the separatists

The question that should be asked now is: what did Pedro Sánchez know about this when he agreed to the amnesty with his separatist partners? Well, taking into account that he has intelligence services at his disposal, it can be assumed who knew everything. Let us remember that Russia contacts and Catalan separatism became known in 2020 thanks to an investigation by the Civil Guard. In addition, in May 2022 , Puigdemont admitted having met with a Russian emissary before issuing his declaration of independence, although he said he had rejected his offers. Judging by a manuscript that is in the judge's possession, it does not seem that Puigdemont rejected that offer.

Sánchez beheaded the CNI at the request of the separatists and gave them access to official secrets

In any case, it must be remembered that in May 2022, the day after Puigdemont admitted these contacts, Sánchez beheaded the National Intelligence Center (CNI) to please the separatists Catalans from ERC, who rejected the shipment of weapons to Ukraine after the start of the Russian invasion of that country.

Likewise, in December 2023 the Catalan separatists of ERC and Junts gained access to the commission that controls the CNI in Congress, after the socialists made a reform to lower the number of votes necessary to access that commission, thus facilitating access to official secrets to the same separatists who had contacted Russia to break up Spain.

The amnesty agreed by Sánchez could prevent investigation of this Russian interference

Finally, Sánchez agreed to agree to an openly unconstitutional amnesty with those separatists, an amnesty that would serve to prevent the judicial investigation of this Russian interference in Spain. It cannot be classified as a coincidence that official Russian media supported this amnesty, which would have judicially erased the trace of his contacts with the Catalan separatists and would have left unpunished for the crimes committed, as I already pointed out here in November 2023.

Puigdemont is not the only one who should be accused of treason

In view of the above, if Puigdemont is finally prosecuted for treason, it would be logical that Sánchez would also be prosecuted for that crime, since he has provided help to the separatists to tie up our intelligence services, leave unpunished the crimes committed and erase the traces of Russian interference in Spain, causing serious damage to our national security. Sánchez's behavior at the head of the government is typical of a politician who has put his personal interests above the interests of Spain and even in open opposition to them.


Photo: PSOE.

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