For the purchase of Russian gas and the cover-up of Russian interference

Russia comes to support the socialist coup in Spain and demonizes those who oppose it

If there was any doubt that the socialist blow to the rule of law hurts Spain, yesterday the Putin regime made it clear.

Pedro Sánchez offers Putin, via Waterloo, the key to decide the fate of Spain
Russia's support for separatism in Spain and the support of Spanish separatists for Russia

A Russian state media describes those who oppose the coup as 'reactionary right'

In its final hours, the Russian dictatorship has used its state propaganda media to support the Sánchez government in its attack on judicial independence. This Tuesday, the state media Russia Today (RT) demonized opposition to the socialist coup in Spain labeling it as "reactionary right", a bag into which he put "street demonstrations, statements by judges, police and bishops and an international campaign". The editorial staff, typical of the far-left media, goes so far as to describe Ciudadanos, a center-left party, as a "right-wing party", because its MEPs have denounced the coup in Brussels.

RT describes Sánchez as “a wall against the extreme right”

This Wednesday, RT has once again come to the aid of Sánchez presenting him as a "wall against the extreme right". It is not difficult to find one of the reasons for the Kremlin's complacency with Sánchez. The second paragraph points out that the first commitment of the socialist leader "was directed at the situation in the Gaza Strip", which demanded a ceasefire from Israel and committed to "work in Europe to recognize the Palestinian State". Basically, what RT does is appreciate Sánchez's alignment with Russian foreign policy.

Sputnik highlights that “Spain buys Russian gas like never before”

Russia's reasons for complacency with Sánchez are also exposed in a news article published today by another of the Russian state media, Sputnik, which highlights that "Spain buys Russian gas like never before", noting: "The entry of this fuel has multiplied by eight in just five years". The official Russian media boasts of the way in which Sánchez's government is benefiting Russia in the midst of Russian aggression against Ukraine:

"In general terms, after Algeria and in close competition with the US, Russia is the third gas supplier in Spain in a scenario where there is no clear trend. In July - and before in June - it was the main source of liquefied supply, occupying 27.6% (8,764 GWh) of total imports (liquefied gas and natural gas), dominated by Algeria (28.7%)."

The amnesty will cover up Russian interference in Catalonia

There is another issue that explains the harmony between the Kremlin and the Sánchez government. Putin's regime encouraged the 2017 separatist coup in Catalonia, even offering military and economic aid to the separatists, in a clear attempt to weaken a country NATO member. A few days ago, a Spanish media outlet pointed out that the amnesty announced by Sánchez will also 'erase' the crimes of the Russian spies of 'Unit 29155' of the GRU, Russia's foreign intelligence service, in relation to the 2017 separatist coup in Catalonia.

The amnesty law not only aims to erase the crimes committed by those involved in that coup, but will prevent further investigation of who took part in it. Thus, Russian interference in Catalonia will be covered up by the amnesty law. That is why Russia has a special interest in supporting this attack on the rule of law. For this reason, and because Sanchez's surrender to the separatists will greatly weaken Spain. Until now, Russia has made every possible effort to destabilize and weaken NATO member countries. Sánchez has done this great favor for Putin and now the Russian state media thanks him by coming out in support of the Spanish socialist leader.

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