Some have forgotten their professional duty to denounce abuses of power

Sánchez, his mafia-like exercise of power and the silence of a large part of journalism

What is happening in Spain is increasingly similar to what has already happened in Venezuela and also at the hands of some socialists.

Pedro Sánchez imitates a measure of the Putin regime to limit press freedom
Sánchez wants to muzzle the media he does not control: we will not shut up!

We must remember that Hugo Chávez, the founder of the Venezuelan socialist dictatorship, threatened critical media in its first steps towards authoritarianism. A mafia exercise of power that Pedro Sánchez now copies, threatening critical media that are exposing socialist corruption. Sánchez uses the argument that they enjoy "impunity", which is a lie: in Spain there are laws, like in any other democratic country, that punish any excess of journalism. What Sánchez wants, like Chávez, is to silence the media opposed to his government.

In fact, the one who has given impunity to his allies is precisely Sánchez, with his recently approved amnesty law, which will erase without further ado very serious crimes committed during the separatist coup of 2017, including crimes of corruption and terrorism. The crimes that a media outlet can commit for exceeding the use of its right to freedom of information are less serious than the crimes that Sánchez has decided to leave unpunished because he needed the support of those who committed them . It is one of the greatest acts of political corruption that has been seen in Spanish democracy.

In the face of Sánchez's mafia threats against the media that have uncovered his corruption cases - that there is a judicial accusation in Spain against his wife and that the case is being investigated by the European Prosecutor's Office shows that there are serious indications of crime -, what is astonishing is the silence of a large part of journalism, that is, of a profession whose duty is to denounce the abuses committed by political power. A duty that some forget, encouraged by the more than 400 million euros in institutional advertising, in the largest waste of public funds that has been made in the entire history of Spain to buy the silence of the media.

The journalists' associations should have already cried foul over something like this, but they have not done so. Among the media related to the government, this silence becomes complicity: not only do they not criticize this mafia attitude, but they applaud it and they even go so far as to point out the media that should be retaliated. It doesn't hurt for some to remember this when they once again fall into the temptation of believing that there is something like solidarity between journalism professionals.

Seeing these facts, it is necessary to say that Sánchez is not the only one responsible for the attack he is committing against the Rule of Law, against our freedoms and against the Constitution, in one of the most serious blows suffered by our democracy. This responsibility is shared by those who forget their duty as journalists and act as political commissars, taking advantage of this opportunity to get rid of those rivals who do not coincide with their particular ideological lines. Furthermore, that this same political and media left calls itself "democratic" and warns us against democratic parties like Vox, calling them "extreme right" is one more example of how far its cynicism can go.


Photo: PSOE.

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