These two distinctions, awarded to communist tyrants, have not been withdrawn

The PSOE, which awarded gold medals to two dictators, criticizes a medal to Milei

Socialism, like communism, is an ideology full of cynicism and double standards, as its followers demonstrate in Spain.

Sánchez removes a medal from Pinochet but not the two awarded to communist dictators
Pedro Sánchez's antidemocratic international and his friendly photos with dictators

The PSOE criticizes the medal of the Community of Madrid to Javier Milei

Yesterday, the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE), led by Pedro Sánchez, announced that is studying legally appealing the medal awarded by the Community of Madrid to Javier Milei. A medal awarded for his defense of Freedom and that has greatly bothered the left. Perhaps it is precisely that - the defense of Freedom - that has bothered the PSOE, judging by the class of people to whom that party has awarded medals when it has had the opportunity.

The PSOE awarded the Senate Gold Medal to two communist dictators

Six years ago, in June 2018, I pointed out here that the Senate of Spain, when the PSOE had an absolute majority in that chamber, awarded its Gold Medal to two communist dictators: the Soviet Kostantin Chernenko, to whom the socialists granted that distinction on May 29, 1984, and the Cuban Fidel Castro, to whom the Socialists awarded him that medal on December 21, 1987. Unlike other medals awarded to Franco or Pinochet, the PSOE has never wanted to withdraw that distinction from two communist dictators.

Specifically, the socialists awarded that medal to Chernenko for his " defense of peace", while Soviet troops massacred civilians in their invasion of Afghanistan, an invasion that left hundreds of thousands of civilians dead. Meanwhile, in addition, the USSR dedicated to financing terrorist groups in the West.

Regarding the medal to Castro, as I already pointed out here in 2021, the socialists subjected Spain to the shame of being the first European country to award a medal to the Cuban dictator. Only two other European countries awarded medals to Fidel Castro: Ukraine in 2010 (then with a pro-Russian government) and Serbia in 2015.

Milei is a democratic politician who became president through free elections

Let us remember that Javier Milei is a democratic politician who has come to office through free elections. Unlike him, Chernenko and Castro were dictators who came to office without free elections, in single-party regimes that violated human rights. The PSOE had the audacity to award medals to two tyrants while they were in power, and now it has the even greater audacity to criticize a medal to a democratic ruler. In the end, it is the same PSOE that criticizes that the PP makes an agreement with a democratic party like Vox, while the socialists make an agreement with communists, with the heirs of ETA and with the promoters of the separatist coup of 2017.

It is worth remembering these data to those who believe that there was once a "good PSOE" and that what is happening now is a deformation of that party. The PSOE has always had a propensity to deal with communist and Islamist tyrants, as Sánchez is doing now. This trend was already exhibited by the socialist governments of Felipe González.


Photo: Daniel Simon / Gamma-Rapho. Cuban dictator Fidel Castro (right) and Soviet dictator Kostantin Chernenko (left) on February 26, 1981 in Moscow.

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