These two medals were awarded at the initiative of Sánchez's own party

Sánchez removes a medal from Pinochet but not the two awarded to communist dictators

For the Spanish left-wing there seem to be good dictators (those on the left) and bad dictators (the others), judging by their actions.

Sánchez's selective memory: his government maintains medals to communist dictators
Spanish Parliament refuses to condemn the crimes of Nazism and Communism

This Tuesday, the government of Pedro Sánchez, formed by socialists and communists, agreed to "the withdrawal of the Grand Cross of Military Merit from Augusto Pinochet Ugarte", according to the reference of the Council of Ministers of that day. That medal had been awarded to the Chilean dictator by the Franco regime in 1975. Pinochet died on December 10, 2006, so the withdrawal of that medal will have no practical effect. This is a mere symbolic act.

The PSOE awarded medals to Kostantin Chernenko and Fidel Castro

If what the Spanish government intends to convey with this decision is that Spain does not grant recognition to dictators, the message sent by Sánchez's cabinet is quite ideologically sectarian. As the readers of Counting Stars have been able to read on several occasions, the PSOE awarded the Spanish Senate Gold Medals to two communist dictators, Kostantin Chernenko (in 1984) and Fidel Castro (in 1988). Both distinctions were awarded when the socialists had an absolute majority in the Senate.

The circumstance occurs, in addition to the fact that those medals were awarded when both dictators were in office, so that this distinction granted by the PSOE (Pedro Sánchez's party) meant granting a distinction to two undemocratic rulers whose regimes violated human rights. In the case of Fidel Castro, the communist regime that he established still endures and continues to trample on the rights and freedoms of Cubans. The PSOE has never adopted any initiative to withdraw these medals, so it can be deduced that Sánchez only removes medals from dictators if they are not left-wing dictators.

Sánchez and his associates refused to condemn the crimes of communism

The position of the PSOE and its communist partners, refusing to removes these medals, is consistent with his refusal to condemn the crimes of communism in a vote held two years ago in Congress, which called for to the Spanish deputies who supported the resolution in that sense approved by the European Parliament in 2019.

Así mismo, Sánchez has ignored this European resolution, omitting all reference to the victims of communism in his law of "democratic memory", a law that is dedicated to erasing the traces of crimes committed by the left during the Spanish Civil War.

Spain has the only EU government with communist ministers

After all, Sánchez has the only government in the European Union with communist ministers. Among these communist ministers are Yolanda Díaz and Alberto Garzón, members of the Communist Party of Spain, a totalitarian party that in 2020 called to follow the example of Lenin, the first dictator of the USSR, a mass criminal whose regime of terror he murdered more than a million people in six years.

In view of these facts, the motivation for the announcement made on Tuesday by the Sánchez government is evident: they are not removing Pinochet's medal because he was a dictator, but because he was not a communist dictator. In fact, taking into account the precedents, I believe it is not an exaggeration in stating that if Pinochet had been leftist, perhaps the medal would have been awarded to him by the PSOE, in the same way that it was awarded to him. granted to tyrants like Chernenko and Castro.


Photo: PSOE.

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