They were granted by the Senate when the PSOE had an absolute majority

Sánchez's selective memory: his government maintains medals to communist dictators

The "democratic memory" of the leftist government of Spain turns into amnesia when it comes to talking about communist dictatorships and their crimes.

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The denial of the Spanish socialists with the crimes of communism

"A democracy pays no tribute to dictators or their henchmen", said today the socialist Pedro Sánchez, president of the Spanish government, at a rally of his party. It is a very cynical statement, if we take into account that last year Sánchez and the other PSOE deputies refused to condemn the crimes of the communist dictatorships, during a scandalous parliamentary session in which a socialist deputy, Rafael Simancas, cited the communist Santiago Carrillo among the "freedom fighters", despite having been responsible for the massacre of 5,000 Paracuellos political prisoners (including 50 children ) and one of Stalin's henchmen in Spain.

The denial of the PSOE regarding the crimes of communism is an attitude that comes from afar. In 2006, when the Council of Europe condemned the crimes of communist dictatorships, recalling "the massive human rights violations committed by the totalitarian communist regimes", the Spanish socialists of the PSOE voted against the resolution.

A medal to a communist dictator who was massacring the Afghan people

But the complicity of the PSOE with communism has left even more scandalous examples. And it is that in the 1980s, when the socialists had an absolute majority, they awarded two Senate Gold Medals to communist dictators who were still in office. The first of these was granted in 1984 to Kostantin Chernenko, head of state of the USSR for 13 months and one of the hard-line Soviet dictators. The socialist José Federico de Carvajal, then president of the Senate, traveled to Moscow to present the medal.

To make matters worse, the medal was awarded for his services "in defense of peace" while the USSR massacred the Afghan people (the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan left 600,000 civilians dead), financed terrorist groups in several countries and developed a huge arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in order to destroy democratic countries.

Another medal to a communist dictator who tortured and killed thousands of democrats

Likewise, in 1988, also with an absolute majority of the socialists, another gold medal from the Senate was awarded to the communist dictator Fidel Castro, a distinction that the Alianza Popular party rejected, pointing out that "Fidel Castro is not worthy of such decoration" and that "a democratic institution cannot allow an award to serve to distinguish non-democratic attitudes". Let us remember that the Castro regime has dedicated itself for decades to torturing and murdering thousands of people for their ideas, violently repressing all protests in favor of democracy in Cuba. Currently, the dictatorship Cuban communist continues to show off that medal, which is clear proof of what socialists understand as "democratic memory".


Photo: PSOE.

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