A M-16 Rifle Made with Full Details with a Material You Would Never Imagine in a Gun

In addition to various metals, we are already accustomed to seeing weapons with plastic and ceramic elements, but surely you have not seen a weapon like the video I show you in this post.

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The author of this curious reproduction of the famous assault rifle M-16 is an American named Charlie and has a Youtube channel called Papercraft. I think with that track you have already guessed what material the rifle has made: yes, paper. The replica took several months of work, and is done with a spectacular level of detail. The replica has the same mechanisms as the real rifle, although it has used metal parts for the springs. You can see here the video that he showed in January showing his finished weapon and its operation:

In his video archive you will find the ones that were published during months showing how the construction of the replica evolved. Charlie has commented that he has not yet been able to do shooting tests. Maybe you're skeptical of the idea that a weapon made of paper can shoot. I was also before watching this video made by Charlie opening fire with a paper Makarov pistol:

If you do not like the M-16 and you prefer the solid and sturdy Kalashnikov rifles, do not worry, because Charlie has also made a paper AK-47:

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