A seagull stalking my omelette in El Corte Inglés

On November 21, a curious anecdote occurred at the El Corte Inglés shopping center in Vigo. I was taking an omelette skewer in the cafe on the seventh floor, when a yellow-legged gull (Larus michahellis) landed on the terrace behind the windows, just in front of me. The seagulls are very daring: they roam the terraces of the cafes and sometimes even throw themselves to the tables to take some food. In Vigo we have a very large colony of yellow-legged gulls (they nest in the Cies Islands) and we are already used to this.

This seagull had a good time stalking my omelette, maybe waiting to catch me off guard (at the top, the window has an opening through which you can strain any bird). I took my camera – I always carry it with me – and I took a few pictures of it. I had never photographed a seagull so close, and she did not flinch. A few minutes later another even larger gull appeared there. At that time I decided it was better to stop taking pictures and finish my omelette skewer, I would not leave without it.

A Lame Seagull
The chicks go to sleep

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