K1 main battle tanks and K200 infantry vehicles were used in the exercise

Spectacular Video of Armored Maneuvers of the South Korean Army

The South Korean Youtube channel Rider Eye, which usually publishes high quality videos, broadcasted spectacular images of maneuvers by the Republic of Korea Army.

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The images correspond to an exercise carried out in the maneuvers polygon of Darakdae by armored forces of the VI South Korean Army Corps, using Hyundai Rotem K1 battle tanks (a model developed in South Korea from the US tank M-1 Abrams, with which it has a huge resemblance) and infantry fighting vehicles Daewoo K200, a local variant of the famous American armored vehicle M-113. The exercises took place in December 2015 and real fire was used, specifically 105 mm high explosive explosive shells in the K1 battle tanks. In the video we can also see the tanks throwing smoke grenades to hang smoke screens.

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