Protests in front of the British embassies against his death sentence

Mobilizations in Poland, Spain, the USA and Other Countries to Save Alfie Evans

The case of little Alfie Evans, condemned to die in a British hospital and to which the Justice of that country prevents traveling to Rome to be treated there, is shaking people of many countries.

Alfie Evans case: progressivism turned the United Kingdom into a death row for children
British Police threaten those who support Alfie Evans on the web: they are ‘monitoring’ them

In the last hours there have been rallies before British Embassies and Consulates and in emblematic places in several countries. I offer below images of some of these mobilizations:

United Kingdom


(Video: @YosemiteSamsky)

Belfast (Northern Ireland)

(Video: @davidhunter7)

Derry (Northern Ireland)

Derry (Irlanda del Norte)

(Photos: @keirontourish)



(Photo: @SuwerennaPL)

(Photo: @ZoroTango)

(Photo: @SuwerennaPL)


(Photo: @SuwerennaPL)

(Photo: @kubakluza)


(Photo: @Zdunio141)

(Photo: @chcemiecnick)



(Photos: News at


(Photo: @CercleCarlemany)

United States

Washington DC

(Photo: @ecwant)

(Photo: @worldoverdc)

(Photo: @NateMaddenCRTV)

New York

Permanent Mission Of The United Kingdom to The United Nations.

(Photos: @kathrynlopez)



(Photo: @fiddydaly)

(Vídeo: @kerrykez30)

Vatican City

(Photo: @anmaalbe)


Santiago de Chile

(Photos: @joselemaitre)



(Photo: @eugenia_sm)

(Main photo: Twitter @SuwerennaPL. Vigil in front of the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Warsaw this Wednesday in defense of Alfie Evans)

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  1. Heidi

    Save Alfie Evans please! Let himstart to Italyor any better place..

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