He has died tonight at 2:30 in the hospital from which he was forbidden to leave

Little Alfie Evans has died

Little Alfie Evans, which the British Justice forbade to leave the UK to be treated in Rome, has died tonight at the Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool, from which he was prevented from leaving.

Mobilizations in Poland, Spain, the USA and Other Countries to Save Alfie Evans
Alfie Evans Case: Progressivism Turned the United Kingdom into a Death Row for Children

His mother, Kate, has announced the death of Alfie in a message posted this morning at 7:17 in the child support group on Facebook, with more than 789,000 members:

“Our baby boy grew his wings tonight at 2:30 am. We are heart broken. Thankyou everyone for all your support”.

Alfie is already the second sick child who dies in a British hospital after the courts of that country banned his departure to be treated abroad. On July 28 of last year, Charlie Gard died in very similar circumstances, after being forbidden to be transferred to the United States to receive treatment there. With these deaths, the United Kingdom has entered a dangerous and alarming path, proving to be a country in which the authorities can prevent citizens who have not committed any crime the right to travel freely abroad, and what is worse, a country in which children are no longer under the authority of their parents, but are owned by the State, to the point that a judge or doctors can issue a death sentence that involves letting the child die of hunger and thirst.

Rest in peace, little Alfie. My hug to your parents and my prayers for the whole family.

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