An armored contest in which the German Leopard 2A6 won

SETC 2018: This Video Shows the Crushing Ability of a Battle Tank

The Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018 is an international tanks competition that took place from the 3 to the 8 of June in the field of maneuvers of Grafenwöhr, in Germany.

Spectacular video of armored maneuvers of the South Korean Army
An American M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank in Kuwait… wearing a motto 100% Trump

This year five countries participated: Germany, Austria, the United States, France, Poland, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Ukraine. The winning country has been the host, Germany, followed by Sweden and Austria. Among other tests, the tank crews had to demonstrate their driving precision, with an obstacle course that included passing over scrapping cars. I have made a video summary of this test using some of the videos that the multimedia portal DVIDShub of the US Armed Forces has broadcast. You can see the following participants:

  • Austria: Leopard 2A4 of the 14th Armored Battalion.
  • Poland: Leopard 2A5 of the 34th Armored Cavalry Brigade.
  • United Kingdom: Challenger II of the Queen’s Royal Hussar Regiment.
  • United States: M1A2 Abrams SEP v2 of the 2nd Brigade of the 1st Infantry Division (the famous “Big Red One”).
  • Germany: Leopard 2A6 of the 393rd Armored Battalion.

Especially picturesque has been the staging of the Americans, who have decorated their Abrams in green and with big white stars, just as the US Army did with their tanks in World War II. This is because the “Big Red One” was one of the units participating in the Normandy Landings, whose anniversary was celebrated this week. I leave you without more with the video:

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