Almost a thousand soldiers from those three countries trained in Novorossiysk

Slavic Brotherhood 2018: Impressive Video of an Exercise of Russia, Belarus and Serbia

Between 18 and 28 June, military forces from Russia, Belarus and Serbia took part in the Slavic Brotherhood 2018 exercise, at the Russian Rayevsky maneuvering field in Novorossiysk.

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These maneuvers involved 600 Russian military personnel, 300 Belarusians and 50 Serbs, including air assets and airborne forces, armored forces and special operations groups. The exercise simulated a situation in which terrorist groups seize border areas by taking local civilians hostage. A joint military force of Russians, Belarusians and Serbs was to neutralize terrorists, free hostages and provide humanitarian assistance, according to the Russian news agency Tass.

The same agency reported that 57 military attachés from 42 countries attended as observers for this joint exercise, including NATO member countries such as Germany, Canada, Latvia, Norway, Poland, the United Kingdom and Turkey.

You can see here the impressive video of these exercises published by the Youtube channel of Armed Forces Update:

It must be remembered that between Belarus and Russia there are strong historical ties for having been integral republics of the Soviet Union. To this day, in fact, Belarus is one of the former Soviet territories that most conserves the old structures of the communist regime. As for Serbia, its ties of brotherhood with Russia go back to the time of the tsars. To this day, Serbia is the only Central European country that remains in the orbit of Russia. The circumstance also happens that it is practically surrounded by NATO member countries. Of those who have borders with Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Albania belong to the Atlantic Alliance.

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