Five Eurofighter Typhoon fighters of the 142 Squadron flew to Poland in may

A Polish Video that Shows the Spanish Fighters in the NATO Tiger Meet 2018

Between May 14 and 25, the 2018 meeting of the “tigers” of NATO took place, an event that regularly gathers fighter squads of the member countries of the Atlantic Alliance.

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This year’s meeting was held at the Poznań-Krzesiny air base in Poland, which houses the 23 F-16C (single-seater) and 9 F-16D (two-seater) of the 3rd and 6th Polish Air Force Tactical Squadrons. The Spanish Air Force was represented by 5 Eurofighter Typhoon fighters of the 142 Squadron, based in Los Llanos (Albacete). The Polish Youtube channel Polska Zbrojna has published an excellent video with images of this Tiger Meet 2018. In some of them we see the Spanish Typhoons flying next to a Typhoon of the 74th Tactical Wing of the German Luftwaffe and also accompanying MiG-29 of the 1st Air Tactical Squadron of the Polish Air Force. All this with the unforgettable song “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins, appeared in “Top Gun”.

If you have been wanting more, you can see here a photo set of this meeting and here a few videos.

(Photo: Piotr Wróblewski)

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