The events included a reenactment of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944

Valdemoro (Spain) Pays Tribute to the Polish Patriots Who Fell in the Fight for Freedom

This year Poland celebrates the centenary of the recovery of its independence in 1918. Last weekend, Poles and Spaniards celebrated it in Valdemoro (Madrid, Spain).

Poland awards members of the Spanish reenactment group ‘Poland First to Fight’
Apel Pamięci: the ceremony of the Polish Army to honor its fallen for the Homeland

The event was organized by the City Council of Valdemoro, the Historical-Cultural Association Poland First to Fight, the Polish Association Ámbar of Valdemoro and the Hispanic-Polish Cultural Association Krakus of Móstoles, in collaboration with the Embassy of Poland in Spain, the Polish Institute of Culture of Madrid, and the website

The event was attended by Marzenna Adamczyk, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Spain, Serafin Faraldos, mayor of Valdemoro, and several members of the municipal corporation.

The program included two lectures, entitled “The Polish Woman in the Struggle for Freedom” and “Poland, or the dignity in the face of the holocaust”, given by the Historical-Cultural Association Poland First to Fight.

In addition, there was a concert of Polish folk and patriotic songs by the choir of the Hispanic-Polish Cultural Association Krakus.

In the afternoon, the reenactors of Poland First to Fight carried out an Apel Pamięci, the ceremony with which the Poles remember those fallen by the Fatherland, which included the corresponding “Salwy Honorowe” (Honor Salvos).

At the events, Poland First to Fight reenactors held the oath ceremony of the Armia Krajowa (AK, Home Army), created in 1942 in Poland and which was the largest resistance organization of the Second World War.

Next, members of Poland First to Fight, the Norland Association and the Alfonso X El Sabio Historical Recreation Association recreated the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, which was the biggest uprising against the Germans of a resistance group of the World War II.

From here I join this tribute to the Polish patriots who fought and gave their lives always bearing in mind a centennial motto in Poland: “Za naszą i waszą wolność” (For your freedom and ours).

Cześć i chwała bohaterom!
Honor and glory to the heroes!

(Photos: Facebook de Poland First to Fight)

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