36,000 vehicles, 1,000 aircraft, 80 vessels and 300,000 soldiers have participated

Vostok 2018: Europe Should Wake Up After the Biggest Russian Military Maneuvers in 37 Years

From September 11 to 18, the Russian Armed Forces have carried out their largest military maneuvers since 1981, this time with the participation of forces from China and Mongolia.

Slavic Brotherhood 2018: impressive video of an exercise of Russia, Belarus and Serbia
A Polish video that shows the Spanish fighters in the NATO Tiger Meet 2018

According to Russian official sources, some 36,000 vehicles, 1,000 aircraft, 80 ships and some 300,000 soldiers have participated in the exercises. The operations have been carried out in the most eastern regions of Russia, and have been followed by 91 international observers from 57 countries. Although the exercise has taken place thousands of kilometers from Russia’s European borders, the size of the maneuvers has caused concern in the Western media. I hope they serve, at least, so that some European countries begin to take seriously the growing threat posed by Russian military might (something they already know well in Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic Republics, Russia’s immediate neighbors), and start to become aware of the need to invest more in defense and not entrust everything to the help of the United States.

In this Leini-TV video you can see a summary of the media deployed in this colossal military exercise:

The video includes surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missile launches, towed and self-propelled artillery, helicopters, attack and fighter aircraft, launch of paratroop forces and warships.

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