Cardinal Cañizares: "you are a bastion against the destruction of Europe"

The video of the emotive Mass celebrated in Valencia in honor of the Polish Nation

This Sunday Poland celebrates the 100th anniversary of the recovery of its independence in 1918. Polish residents in Valencia (Spain) have celebrated it with a Solemn Mass in the Cathedral.

Poland and Spain: the historical links between two great Nations of Europe
Spain will also celebrate the centenary of the recovery of the independence of Poland

A Mass presided by a painting of the Queen of Poland

The celebration began with the chords of one of the most beautiful Polish songs, “Boże, coś Polskę” (God, protect Poland), which the Poles have sung so many times in the times of suffering that they have had to live. The Mass, which was held in Spanish and Polish, was officiated by the Archbishop of Valencia, Cardinal Antonio Cañizares, who entered the Cathedral preceded by a crucifix and the national flag of Poland, which was placed next to the altar accompanied by a picture of the Virgin of Czestochowa, Queen of Poland. The Eucharist was attended by Polish residents in Spain and accompanied by a Polish choir. With this ceremony, in addition, Monsignor Cañizares has erected today the first Polish parish in Spain, based in Valencia and dedicated to Our Lady of Czestochowa.

Cardinal Cañizares to the Poles: “You can thank God for that Nation that we admire”

During the homily, Cardinal Cañizares has dedicated very complimentary words to the Polish people: “I feel very honored and full of joy to accompany you on this November 11, centenary of your recovery as a Nation. The independence of the Nation of Poland, so admired, so dear and exemplary, a truly martyrial Nation, that you have witnessed, over more than a millennium of the conversion of the Polish Nation, that only God is necessary.”

Cardinal Cañizares has recalled testimonies of two great Polish saints such as Saint Maximilian Kolbe and Saint Faustina Kowalska, and also spoke of the experience lived by the Polish people throughout the 20th century at the hands of totalitarianism. The Archbishop of Valencia said to the Polish people present: You can thank God for that Nation that we admire, that we love, and how much we have to learn from it in this Europe so secularized and so far from God.

“Know that you are a bastion against the destruction of Europe”

At the end of the celebration, Cardinal Cañizares has dedicated a few words to the Poles: Europe loses its roots, but Poland, by maintaining them, is often not being considered well enough. Know that you are a bastion in the face of the destruction of Europe, that you are truly a force for Europe to be rebuilt from the Christian bases, as our great Pope St. John Paul II said, addressing Europe: ‘Europe, be yourself’. That lighthouse is being Poland itself, which is telling Europe: ‘Europe, be yourself, recover your roots’. Thank you, thank you, thank you and go ahead.”

The Mass ended with the interpretation of Dąbrowski’s Mazurka, the National Anthem of Poland, accompanied by the organ of the Cathedral. You can see here the full video of the broadcast of the Mass that the Youtube channel of the Cathedral of Valencia has made:

P.S.: the channel of the Cathedral of Valencia has disabled the possibility of inserting the video on websites, it’s a shame. Anyway, you can watch the video clicking here.

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