They access inside a vandalized monument to the Soviet Army

Bulgaria: Polish urban explorers literally jump over the heads of communists

The Bulgarian city of Varna, on the shores of the Black Sea, has a huge “Monument to the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship”, inaugurated on November 13, 1978, now abandoned and vandalized.

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The monument was initially thought of as a tribute to the Soviet Army, and in fact represents three Bulgarian women (on the left) and four Soviet soldiers (on the right). It is a work of the sculptors Alyosha Kafedzhiiski and Eugene Barumov, and it is the largest monument in Varna: it measures 23 meters high and 48 wide, and as it was built on the hill of Crane, at 110 meters high, being visible from the sea. The sculptural group is accessed through the so-called “Stairs of Victory”, formed by 301 steps. In the monument 27,000 “volunteers” worked (attention to the quotes), and for its construction 10,000 tons of concrete and 1,000 tons of iron were used. In addition, 20,000 trees were planted around the monument on the hill.

In 1989, after the fall of communism in Bulgaria, the monument was abandoned, being vandalized and looted little by little: its electrical installation and the bronze pieces were stolen, and the interior has become a garbage dump. Today it is possible to access the interior of the monument, which has stairs to climb the different levels of its interior. The group of Polish urban explorers Urbex History published a video – in Polish, with English subtitles – titled “Skaczemy po głowach komunistów” (We are jumping in the heads of the communists), a title that, according to the members of the group, we have to interpret “literally and figuratively”. So far, the most valued comment from the audience is from a Pole who says the following: “Uważajcie lepiej bo głowy komunistów są zazwyczaj puste w środku” (Be careful because the heads of communists are usually empty inside). I leave you with the video:

I leave here the location in Google Maps in case you want to visit it.

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