Instead of condemning it, separatists have accused the assaulted of "provoking"

Catalan Separatist thugs beat journalists of Intereconomía TV with punches in Barcelona

The separatists of the CDR have fulfilled their threats and have taken their violence to the streets of Catalonia today to try to break the meeting of the Council of Ministers in Barcelona.

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They attack them with punches and then accuse the attacked of "provoking"

In that same city, when covering that violent protest, a team of the television channel Intereconomía has been brutally attacked by separatist thugs who had their faces covered. First they were surrounded, the thugs started to shake them and finally a separatist launched a punch to the journalist Cake Minuesa, a fact that has been recorded in this video, because the attack took place in full live:

In the following video we can see the aggression from another angle:

As reported Cristina Seguí, Cake has a nose "burst with points." In fact, in the video you see separatists saying it was a montage, even though the aggression was recorded, and also accusing Cake of "provoking", the favorite argument of the rapists, which Catalan separatism uses to justify any act of violence against those who think differently and now also against the informants who tell what is happening in that region. Cake has answered the separatists with these words:

"When the Council of Ministers comes here, it comes to provoke. When Ciudadanos comes, they come to provoke. When I come, I come to provoke: everything is to provoke, everything that is not CDR is to provoke, huh? All that is not to beat our face is to provoke."

An officer of the Catalan Police refused to help journalists

Cristina Seguí has indicated that Cake "has continued to be threatened at the hospital door." She also indicated that the journalist asked for help from an agent of the Catalan Police - controlled by the separatist regional government - who, "in the face of the threat, replied that he was only there to direct the traffic." Really embarrassing. In social media, Cake has received a multitude of support messages. From here I join them.

The separatist leaders had threatened violence

Recall that two weeks ago the separatists Quim Torra and Carles Puigdemont supported the "Slovenian way" to separate Catalonia from Spain, in reference to an armed conflict that resulted in 60 deaths. That statement supposed, in fact, to threaten Spain with violence if it does not meet its demands. With the aggression against the Intereconomía TV team, we have a clear explanation of what the separatist leaders wanted to say with their threats.

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