The separatists launched insults, threats, spit, kicks and punches

Video: This Is How the Catalan Separatists Attacked Peaceful Demonstrators in Barcelona

The union Jusapol convened a demonstration in support of the National Police and the Civil Guard this afternoon in Barcelona. Thousands of people have come to this march, which has been peaceful.

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This demonstration, convened in accordance with the law, had to change its course before the Catalan government's ban to demonstrate in the San Jaime Square, which is precisely where the seat of the regional government is located. The excuse was to avoid clashes with the separatists, who had already announced an illegal counter-demonstration. But as you remember, on September 16 the Catalan government had already bypassed the law to prohibit access to that place to another legal event, that of Hablamos Español.

A separatist: "I would cut off your head right now, I would cut off your head, motherfuckers"

Despite achieving their goal of preventing the passage of a legal demonstration in the San Jaime Square, the separatists have directed their illegal counter-demonstration against the departure of Jusapol. In some points the separatists have attacked peaceful demonstrators, insulting them, threatening them, spitting at them and kicking and punching them, as you can see in the following video in which I have included two videos that I received via WhatsApp (the first of the two has recorded today by French journalist Elise Gazengel). At the beginning of the video (minute 0:12) a separatist with a black cap is seen threatening a protester: "I would cut off your head right now, I would cut off your head, motherfuckers." The video has English subtitles.

As you see, the separatists have ended up attacking the Catalan police, throwing powder paint to the agents, which has led to police charges against the separatists. In addition, the counter-demonstrators have sent cries of support to the terrorist band Terra Lliure

An organization subsidized by the Catalan Government supported the illegal counter-demonstration

One of the separatist organizations that have supported the illegal counter-demonstration this morning in the Plaza de San Jaime has been the Catalan National Assembly (ANC). This group has received millions of euros in grants from the Catalan Government, an astronomical amount that has come out of the pockets of all taxpayers. The president of that organization, Jordi Sánchez, has been in preventive detention since last year accused of a crime of sedition as a result of the violent act of harassment called by the ANC and by another separatist organization also subsidized, Òmnium Cultural, against a judicial secretary and a group of civil guards in Barcelona. Why are this organizations legal if support violent acts still in order to break the national unity and prevent the exercise of the right to demonstrate?

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