The Basic Ability Course in Special Operations Units (CABOE)

This is how the future 'green berets' of the Spanish Army are trained

A few days ago the XIV Basic Aptitude Course in Special Operations Units (CABOE) for Spanish Army Troop, which trains future guerrilleros, was closed.

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Also known as "green berets" for their distinctive pledge, the new members of the Special Operations Command (MOE) of the Spanish Army began their training last September with 93 candidates, leaving 53 students in the CABOE after a rigorous process of selection, as reported by the Military School of Mountain and Special Operations (EMMOE) on February 8. The CABOE lasts five months and serves to train future members of the three Special Operations Groups (GOE) and the Legion Special Operations Battalion (BOEL).

The course consists of three modules: basic, specific and extension. The basic module is developed in the "Alférez Rojas Navarrete" barracks of the MOE in Rabasa, Alicante. This module provides health care instruction and includes an evaluation exercise and another of evasion, resistance and escape in Enguera (Valencia).

The specific module is developed in the EMMOE, in Jaca (Huesca), and includes instruction in armament, topography, shooting, explosives, climbing, winter mountain, tactics and transmissions. The expansion module consists of a basic parachuting course at the Military School of Parachute "Méndez Parada" of the Spanish Air Force, located at the Alcantarilla Air Base (Murcia).

Of the 53 students who started the course, 12 were dismissed for different reasons, the EMMOE says; a total of 41 new guerrilleros surpassed the course, who have been awarded the diploma and academic certification that certifies that they have passed the CABOE, besides imposing the green beret with the badge of special operations: a bowie knife surrounded by two oak branches. You can see here a video of the training of the guerrilleros, published a few days ago by the Spanish Army on its Facebook page:


(Photos: Spanish Army)

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